Impatience is pricey


There is an old maxim popular in our country that goes: “To achieve better things in life, you need to remain patient.” There is some truth in that saying. We witnessed how pricey our lack of patience was 28 years ago. We did not listen to the then-President Dr Maung Maung’s request for a three-month wait to write a constitution.
As we all know, Rome was not built in a day. This reminds us that people have been inspired by big dreams throughout history. Driven by our insatiable thirst for constant progress, the world has evolved into a modern industrial and technological society in which everything we need is easily available.
Clearly, there is no such thing as something for nothing. It was not always easy to transform the world into its present form. It is therefore necessary for us to understand that difficulty does not necessarily mean impossibility. In the words of Thomas Fuller, all things are difficult before they are easy. We should keep in mind that nothing in the world comes without difficulty.
When we are faced with strong competition, we tend to lose self-control. In other words, patience seems to be a forgotten virtue in the modern world. We should keep in mind that nothing will last when done in haste.
Although impatience is our innate quality, we need to learn how to stay calm when we feel emotions such as anger and jealousy.
Both patience and impatience have the potential to affect our decisions and actions. But  patience allows us to endure a current situation while waiting for better things to happen, even if it takes months or years. It is our level of patience that will determine our future.

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