Inn National League Party (INLP) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Inn National League Party’s (INLP), Youth Affairs Committee Member U Myo Min Tun presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 7 October.


May all Myanmar people and nationalities enjoy the improvement in real political, social and economic life, and have a mutual understanding.
I am U Myo Min Tun, youth affairs committee member of the Inn National League Party. Our party was founded on 26 April 2019, and its registration number is 124.
Our party has emerged to fulfil the needs of the nationalities. The main objective of our party is to foster mutual understanding and respect and personal mental power. We wish to use the enhanced qualification for the success of multiple reform and development undertakings of the nation.

Here, I would present an important point.

The establishment of a political platform for Inn nationals is the main point of the formation of our party. History proves that Inntha people played a significant role in reaching the Panglong Agreement, the foundation of the Union of Myanmar. Not a single candidate of the parties that represented Inntha people won a seat during the 2015 general election. The result is that even a single member of the parties representing Inntha people or a single person representing Inntha people was not invited to the Union Peace Conference: 21st Century Panglong which has been held for four times. So, we lost the opportunity to take part in the conference. So, we request support votes for us so that MPs of our party will be able to partake in the sessions of the national meetings and conferences held after the 2020 General Election. Voters should seriously consider our request as we also wish to serve the interest of the people, region and the nation like all other nationalities.

The visions of the party are:

— Involvement of Inntha people in the affairs of the Union together with all other nationalities;
— Conservation and promotion of literature, culture, traditions and socio-economic lives of Inntha and all brethren nationalities;
— Utmost efforts for the eternal existence of Inn Lay Lake;
— Cooperation with all other national races in the activities for unity and development of the entire Union.

We have resolved to realize the abovementioned points with the involvement of all national races of the whole country.
As the number of graduated local youth members is increasing, job opportunities for them have become an enormous challenge. We wish to solve this problem. We would disseminate basic knowledge that may enable the youth members to overcome the hardships with resilience after reviewing historical traditions and current situation.
We named our party “Inn National League” since it can ensure the united participation of other nationalities such as Shan, Pa-O, Taungyoe, Danu, Kayan and Bamar, with Inn Lay Lake, the home base to Inn nationals.
So, we can fully understand the hardships of the entire area and all the nationalities living in it and can use all-inclusive means to overcome them through coordination effectively. We seriously believe that the ways we are carrying will be useful and practical. Our population and area are the same as those of the nationalities, who have already been granted self-administration. However, we are not entrusted with self-administration. So, we are weak in development undertakings as we have no specific budget for them, and we also lost educational opportunities for children.
We intensely aim to amend the Constitution and thereby lead to the immediate and long-term development of the Union and the entire people. We shall consolidate national solidarity to ensure equal development of the nationalities of hill regions and plains, fundamental rights of nationalities, and human rights together with all other national races.
Inn nationals are living on the Inn Lay Lake and its shores. The lake is drying, and deterioration is worsening, and these changes are hurting the socio-economy of the Inn nationals. As the conservation of the lake is our responsibility, we will make coordinated efforts for the parallel development of the conservation work and socio-economic development of the people.
According to the unique nature of Inn Lay area and Inn Lay Lake, villages, homes and floating crop fields are on the surface of the lake. But they have no guarantee. So, our party will lead the campaign for the State to acknowledge and guarantee its existence legally. Now, the UNESCO has acknowledged the lake as a ‘Man and Biosphere Reserve’. So, there is the way for the balanced improvement of the lake conservation and regional interest.
We will make coordinated efforts for improving transport, commodity flow, farming, especially tomato cultivation as it is the main crop of the area, through appropriate means.
We seriously believe that residents should obey the rules and the laws, and invest all their morale, unity and knowledge for the benefit of the lake.
The party members will play a leading role in organizing the participation of responsible organizations and departments at the Union level and Shan State level, social organizations and expert groups, and international institutions to remedy in time the damage caused by the climate change.
We believe that efforts for the abovementioned issue will be more effective if the Inn Lay region becomes a self-administered zone.
The Inn Lay region is an important tourism destination of Myanmar, and its natural beauties are famous all over the world. So, it is one of the primary sources of foreign exchange income of the country. So, we will try to increase the revenue of locals through the tourism industry.

Esteemed nationalities

We the Inn National League Party will make collective efforts in the interest of the people, region and the country with noble spirit and qualified efforts. So, we believe people will support us with full confidence. With this, I conclude.

100-rower boat’s coming,
All Inn nationals, vote the yellow circle,
It’s the yellow circle you must vote.

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