Interviewing officials of Children’s Literature Festival Yangon


The Children’s literature festival Yangon will be held from 6-8 January, 2018 at the Basic Education High School No. (6) Botahtaung (Saint Paul).
Officials of the festival were interviewed about preparations for the festival.

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Daw Myint Myint Soe (a) Daw May Soe, Pyithu Hluttaw Representative
This festival has been jointly organized by the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Education and Yangon Region Government, and will be held at the Basic Education High School No. (6) Botahtaung. I’m very happy that this festival will be held in my township. As a Hluttaw representative, I participated in and helped in all areas of the festival.
Children, nowadays, spend most of their time playing games (on computers and mobile phones) and watching TV. In fact, they should be playing (physically) with their friends from school. We want them to know the joy and fun they’ll have if they do this, as in the past. But children nowadays do not play this way. By holding this sort of festival, children will know they can be happy playing (physically) together. Their thoughts will be better and they’ll learn more.
This festival is good for their futures. All are invited to come and join the festival, which will include fun and games, along with educational and knowledge-activities for them. Parents shouldn’t worry about sending their children, as it will be totally safe. Responsible personnel from the government, security personnel and representatives, like me, will be there all the time. Teachers will be there, too. So, all are invited to come and join.

Daw Moe Moe, Principal of Amae Eain (Mother’s House) Private School
I am responsible for a stand at the festival. It is an anatomy stand. We’ll show children and parents how our body parts work and function. Biology is not only for high school students. We’ll make models of hearts and lungs, and show young children where these are in their bodies.
The development of children not only needs the support of the government, but also from parents, as well. Parents need to make their children spend time with books, instead of on mobile phone (games). Schools also need to force students to go to libraries. It is hoped that the children who come to the festival will be inspired by what other children display there. We will treat the visiting children with Myanmar snacks. This is to promote the theme of “Eat Myanmar snacks to have good health.” Instead of saying don’t eat foreign or spicy foods, we will show how good Myanmar snacks are. We’ll treat all visiting children to Myanmar snacks throughout the entire three days of the festival.

Daw Swe Zin, International Children School, Yangon
Actually I’m not from the teaching department. I’m from the management side. Commenting as a person from the education circle, it is very important to create in children the interest to read. There are many ways to create this interest. All these will be shown at the festival. Our mayor asked us about how we can participate as private schools. The time we had was short, with many holidays. So we plan to inform the children about what we are teaching. But by participating this time, we also have more understanding of what we can show, if this festival is held again. There will be much about physical games, which can be learnt from books. On the mental part, more can be learnt from books. I think children will realize that they can learn so many things from books. In order to create this realization, I want to say, ‘Bring your children to the festival.’


San Min Aung


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