It is easier promised than done


Normally, it is easier to promise about a task than to do it in real world. To make promise without burning desire is easier, but practical work is difficult. Sometimes, even though the persons who make promises have willingness and goodwill towards the needy, there might be unforeseen obstacles and difficulties in doing things or implementing the tasks. For example, some politicians made a promise for alleviation of poverty in the society. Under such circumstances, they cannot be blamed for the failure or unsuccessful plan or project. Some people easily promise to do something or to give something to somebody, but they fail to accomplish the task or break the promise deliberately. Actually, promise is a kind of vow among human relations. However, some people never ever think about uneasy work or task before they make promise to others.
In political arena, most of the politicians as well as power mongers promise their electorate of the constituencies easily for fulfilling the needs and wants of them. The politicians promise their supporters concerned recklessly and superficially. They use lip service and take advantage of the respective eligible voters dishonestly. In other words, the promise comes from their vocal cord, but not from their heart indeed. Later, they break their great promise and the ordinary people get annoyed and frustrated bitterly. Promise is a tool for the dirty politicians to persuade the voters to support their parties or individuals. In politics and public affairs, the leaders and administrators must be cautious to make promises to the general public concerned. Before making any promises, they should analyze the matters pertaining to public services or public affairs if these matters are possible to be solved or materialized or not. Without being thought, they easily make promise in order to convince the public that they are able to do a certain job for advancement or improvement of the society concerned, demanded or expected by public. In this case, if the outcome or result is not as expected by public, the leader and administrators will surely be discredited. The eloquent public speaker can persuade and make promise with beautiful words. They easily make promise for something and damn the consequences. Political promise is a commitment for serving the people’s interests and the politicians concerned ought to do things as promised. Most of the politicians are pretty crazy for power so they promise easily to the people while canvassing for votes. The following promises are made due to public desires; – the promise of stabilizing the prices of commodities, upgrading the standard of telecommunications for country, removal of yes-men and bureaucrats in the administration for different ministries etc.
When they are in power or elected by the majority people, they break their promises so the bad situations remain exist in the society and they hurt the peoples’ feelings in daily life. People humbly have expected that the would-be government member or candidates of some parties can improve the lousy or critical situations occurring in the society. People literally understand the promises of the politicians as the duties and responsibilities that they must perform efficiently. Unfortunately, people are cheated and those ungrateful persons neglect the demand of public and they only concentrate on personal gain, fame and opportunities for them and their families. Such abhorrent and selfish acts and behaviors should not be prevalent in any form of political system in any society in the world. They do not respect and regard their promises by themselves. What a shame!
Above-stated promises are to be implemented in possible way. Due to their mindsets, the possible ways to improve that stuff are not done even when they are in power. Basically, peoples’ desires are to establish modern, advance and prosperous nation among the nations around the world. That is why people are so eager to know how the leader or powerful politicians are going to implement the tasks they have already promised to do before they are elected democratically. If the country is rich in natural resources, mineral resources, energy resources and human resources, the genuine, thoughtful and efficient leadership should be available for implementing sustainable socio-economic development of the society. The good leaders around the world keep their promises and can do things in conformity with the public desires properly. They never promise easily if the public demand or desire is impossible to do practically.
When we see the issue from the legal perspective, a promise is a contract between a promisor and a promisee. (N.B law terms). If the promisor breaches the certain contract, the promise must be compensated for the loss of his or her expectation or tangible objects. These days, some people even do not care not only promises but also oath because they could stay away from justice or they are above the law. Nevertheless, once they break their promises, they lose trust of the ordinary people forever. Viewing from the moral perspective, they have no dignity and honesty. The values of basic human decency and integrity are ignored by those silly and dishonest people in a certain society. Myanmar maxim says: ‘All the kings must maintain fidelity or commitment to his countrymen and the countrymen are also obliged to keep their promises.’ During the successive Myanmar dynasties, the kings and the countrymen had practiced in accord with the maxim. Therefore, there had been mutual trust between kings and the entire countrymen in those days in Myanmar.
In business arena, businessmen must not fail to keep their promises while dealing with each other for doing business. A successful businessman has won trust among the other businessmen not because of his capital but because of his promise. It is undeniable that keeping promise and doing the right things always make a person successful in life in any society. In business dealing, promise is vitally important because business is a kind of contract between the two different businessmen. The content of the contract must have value of goods, timeframe, conditions and purchasing date or buying dates. All that stuff must be completed or done perfectly from both parties and they have agreed to all particulars on the contract or they have made a written agreement format formally. If one party fails to keep promise, the other party will have right to demand for the loss in business legally.
Promise is synonymous with vow or commitment in social life in human society indeed. A person who makes promise is responsible and accountable for his or her promise to those in need. He or she ought to implement the tasks or materialize the projects consistently. Even our world communities are obligated to do or act or trade in accord with the international treaty or pact or agreement, which is a kind of promise to deal each other harmoniously. Before we promise something, we should make sure if it is possible to do or act. Political promise, social promise and business promise must not be made easily so as not to encounter bad and awful consequences in human society!!!

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