Join the peace process with the Panglong spirit

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When countries in the world establish relations with each other, they adopt and follow basic principles such as peaceful coexistence and non-alignment. However, with instability, armed conflicts and invasion, problems may occur in any country.
A few sincere countries usually help others who are facing difficulties.
However, a country that is facing obstacles has to strive to tackle its own problems.
To resolve problems at home, unity among people plays an important role.
The indigenous people and the government have the responsibility of believing in those who love our country.
For people who have suffered from the lack of peace, as evidence of our love for the generations to come, who will have to bear the burden of our legacies, both good and bad, such a responsibility can never be too heavy. This is a unique opportunity for us to accomplish a great task, which will serve as a landmark throughout our history.
When we solve our problems, we will be able to guarantee equal rights, mutual respect and mutual confidence between all ethnic nationalities. We also call it the Panglong Spirit.
Panglong is not merely a part of Shan State, but an important part of the entire union.
The union first established the spirit on the basis of consultation, discussion, coordination and agreement. The term Panglong — a very simple, short name — is pleasing and exciting to the people. Panglong is recognised not as a ceremony but as a valuable part of history.
The Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) is the first step not only towards peace, but also towards the establishment of the long-held hope for a democratic federal republic.
Today, our country is embarking on this journey towards peace with full confidence in the people of our union. As long as we are unable to achieve national reconciliation and national unity, we will never be able to establish a sustainable and lasting peaceful union.
Our country has suffered from internal armed conflicts for more than half a century — almost 70 years now. Yet, peace cannot be achieved without the involvement of all groups in the society. No peace process can succeed without the support of the people.
Only if we are united will our country be at peace. Only if our country is at peace will we be able to stand on an equal footing with other countries in our region and across the world. We have implemented the Panglong spirit through unity and cooperation, and the hope of our people for freedom is equally important in the 21st century.
On this auspicious Union Day, celebrated on 12 February, we, the Global New Light of Myanmar, would like to urge all indigenous peoples to join the peace process, openly and on equal terms, as they did at the 20th Century Panglong Conference.
Today, the whole country will observe Union Day with the Panglong spirit.

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