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  • Khin Maung Oo
    In the PTI news titled, “Global countries need to prevent terrorist use of internet,” an Indian high-ranking official disclosed that the global community needs to co-operate on a world-wide scale to protect religious extremist terrorists from using the internet for radicalization and terror financing so as to launch terrorist attacks. The said warning is a timely call for action considering today’s situations. At the present time, terrorists with evil motives are using Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and internet websites to create terror and hatred and misunderstanding among different communities and even different countries. Evidently enough, it has been found out that these kinds of people in many countries are using these effective internet tools. With more and more utilization of such tools, terrorist attacks and destructive events are on the increase in the world. Destructive elements are making efforts propagate extremist doctrines, agitation to wage terrorist attacks, recruitment for terrorist attacks and terror financing through the use of websites which can be used to accept donations. The people of the world can never accept terrorists. We are trying our best to protect our communities from their danger, to fight them and to denounce their deeds. Yet, those who like terrorism, the ones involved with terrorists and people who would like to benefit from these attacks, economically or politically have been found to have encouraged and supported by using the internet. Accordingly, many countries are joining the call for fighting against the imminent dangers of terrorists and their use of the internet to promote their evil ends. In Singapore and China use of the internet is being controlled by using cutting-edge technology whereas other nations permit free use of internet normally, with checks and searches made only if needed. Responses to terrorism may differ from one country to another geographically and culturally. Until now, the world cannot effectively eradicate terrorists and their supporters involved in crimes, which are on the move all over the world. Therefore, at the session entitled, “Preventing terrorist use of internet,” held at the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, it was discussed that there should be a unified response to terrorists. Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar said “internet backbone, critical internet resources and data centres should be dispersed and redundant to mitigate impact of major terror attacks”. At such a time when our country is building up a democratic nation, we all have an access to unrestricted use of the internet. Now, we have found some people abusing these rights to create agitations, hate-speeches, rumors and fabricated stories. With regard to the Rakhine State affairs which happened recently, ample evidence has been found that terrorists and abettors used internet websites and other internet tools. We firmly believe that Myanmar will also join with other countries to prevent terrorists from using the internet for their evil purposes.
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