Kayin People’s Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Kayin People’s Party Chairman Saw Tun Aung Myint presents his party’s policy, stance and work programmes on TV and radio on 10 September.

I am the Chairman of Kayin People’s Party, Saw Tun Aung Myint. My Kayin name is Saw Sardu Gaw. It means ‘morning star”. I would like to thank the authoritative body for permitting us to speak to the public through radio and television.
Firstly, I would like to explain the definition of our party’s name – Kayin People’s Party – as I have done in previous years. Our initial objective when we first established this party was to pave the way for our Kayin people to enter politics lawfully. We have ‘Kayin’ first in the name because ethnic Kayin members founded the party. However, it was our wish to incorporate the other ethnic people living in the same area, drinking the same water and experiencing the best of times and the worst of times with us, and thus we added the word ‘People’ to our name. We are a political party that while initially established by Kayin people, takes a collective stand for the citizens of different ethnic backgrounds living in the same region. We are not based on narrow-minded ethnic views.

KPP’s policy
Kayin People’s Party has set its national policy for participating in national reconciliation and aiding Myanmar in its transition towards a system based on federalism and democracy that ties in with the na-tion.

KPP’s beliefs and stance
• The different ethnic groups in the nation will be able to build close relationships and trust that will create sustainable peace and stability for Myanmar only when the nation adopts and practices a federal democratic system.
• Educational development is fundamental for improving the individual’s abilities needed to establish a modern and developed federal, democratic nation.
• Lasting peace can only be established when a system that guarantees and protects the rights of all ethnicities and minorities in the Union of Myanmar can be established.
• The global political and social scene will continue changing with to fit mainstream narratives. The national stance of Kayin People’s Party is to maintain the best balance in adapting to change while preventing negative impacts on the nation and its interests.
• Kayin People’s Party does not have a prejudice for Kayin ethnicities, religious affiliations or re-gional preference and views all Kayin as equal.
• Kayin People’s Party views the discovery, preservation and elevation of Kayin literature, culture and customs as a national duty towards maintaining the Kayin as a distinct ethnicity around the world.
• We are working for a better future for all citizens with kindness and compassion based on Kayin people’s reverence for justice, loyalty and other similar virtues.
• Trust and solidarity between all the ethnic people of Myanmar can be achieved by revitalizing nationalism through preserving each of their unique literature, culture and customs and develop-ing mutual respect.

Kayin People’s Party objectives
1. To establish a federal democratic nation for Myanmar.
2. Improving the living standards and economic developments of the working class.
3. Ensuring fair rights and opportunities for ethnic Kayin groups and other ethnic groups living to-gether with us.

Kayin People’s Party work programmes
1. Participating in the establishment of genuine and lasting peace in Myanmar.
2. To build a peaceful federal democratic nation, coordinating with in unison with citizens of all ethnicities to implement reforms brought about by changes to the existing Constitution.
3. Working for the proliferation of the rule of law and fairness for all citizens in parliament.
4. Ensuring information and resources are available for health and other education of mothers and access to higher income, and children’s health, cultural and disciplinary development.
5. Ensuring Kayin and youths (male/female) all have access to vocational education, higher educa-tion, modern communication technology, management and leadership skills, and political sci-ence.
6. Ensuring the production quality, market and income of Kayin people, who are mostly farmers and labourers and other farmers, are elevated.
7. Working towards a state where all ethnic citizens can live in harmony and travel in solidarity.
8. Ensuring Kayin affairs and rights are obtained through legal channels by having sufficient Kayin parliamentary representatives from a Kayin people-based party that can articulate the na-ture and situation of Kayin people.
9. Ensuring the full rights of minority ethnic groups is applied for Kayin people outside of Kayin State in line with achieving self-determination for Kayin State.
10. Assisting and protecting all Kayin people in ensuring they have secure lives within Kayin State and outside it across the nation.
11. Ensuring Kayin literature and culture is preserved, and Kayin literature is developed through le-gal means to ensure Kayin people’s way of life do not disappear.
12. Ensuring the historic and auspicious days and significance of Kayin people are kept on record and allowed celebration.

Kayin People’s Party will be contesting for seats in Hluttaws from the following states and regions during the 2020 elections:
1. Kayin State
2. Taninthayi Region
3. Bago Region
4. Mon State
5. Yangon Region
6. Ayeyawady Region
We will contest for:
44 seats in Region/State Hluttaws,
5 seats in Kayin Affairs representatives,
18 seats in Pyithu Hluttaw,
7 seats in Amyotha Hluttaw,
for a total of 74 seats.

As I draw to a close, I would like to notify the following to my Kayin people for the 2020 elections:
1. Please check and verify if your name is included on the electoral roll at your local village/ward election commission office.
2. If you are an eligible voter, but your name is not on the electoral roll, then notify your local election commission office and follow steps to add your name to the electoral roll. If there are com-plications, then contact the Kayin-based political party in your area for assistance.
3. Make all necessary preparations to cast your vote without fail on 8 November 2020.
4. As Kayin people, cast your votes for Kayin political party representatives in unity at the 2020 elections to elevate Kayin politics.

In conclusion, the third general elections that our country will be organizing in the 21st century is fast approaching in 2020. The authorities, competing political parties, and the people have gained considera-ble experience. I urge everyone concerned, especially to all citizens, to fulfil your duties in the upcom-ing third election and participate with the genuine aspiration for the best of the nation.

Thank you.

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