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KNLA’s Brigade 5 attacks Htee Mu Hta military base


Damages are seen after the KNLA Brigde-5’s attack.

KNLA’s Brigade-5, led by Baw Kyaw He attacked Tatmadaw base near Htee Mu Hta Village in Hpapun on the morning of 27 March. The KNU signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) on 15 October 2015 in the presence of international witnesses and ethnic leaders.
Its Brigade-5’s troops conducted car bomb attacks on ration storages of the Tatmadaw, attack on construction routes which support the regional development, and artillery attacks on military bases. With these military actions, Brigade-5 tried to disrupt the NCA. Under the separate commands of Baw Kyaw He, the KNU›s troops carried out attacks on the Tatmadaw’s convoys from January 2020 to date. Nine vehicles of the Tatmadaw were destroyed in the attacks.
Moreover, they ambushed 25 times, attacking local commands in Hpa-an, Thaton, Toungoo and Bawnetgyi areas with 107-MM rockets. They also attempted to attack a civilian target in Mawlamyine for one time.
Regarding the attacks, the Tatmadaw, with high tolerance to restore eternal peace, warned the central committee of KNU several times, including condemnation and giving notices to the KNU to respect the facts of NCA via Joint Ceasefire Monitoring Committee, National Solidarity and Peace-making Central Committee. However, KNLA’s Brigade-5 did not follow the instructions of KNU Central Committee members and KNLA Chief and continue to carry out actions to disrupt the NCA.
Therefore, Tatmadaw informed KNU leaders to control the Brigade-5 and KNU replied that they continue to walk on the NCA path, and the activities of Brigade-5 are not the desire of KNU central. As Baw Kyaw He, who is at the rank of deputy Chief of staff, did not obey the orders and Brigade-5 members are breaking the NCA harming the peace, the Tatmadaw can take necessary actions, said KNU in its reply to the Tatmadaw.
Although KNU members and local ethnic people want to continue to walk on the NCA path, which is a basic agreement for eternal peace, the local civilians are suffering panic over the actions of the narrow-minded bigot Baw Kyaw He who wants war.
Therefore, as Brigade-5 neglected the NCA and attacked Tatmadaw bases that are conducting security measures according to the NCA, the Tatmadaw will take the necessary actions against them starting 27 March. —MNA

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