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Kyaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy (88 Generation Peace and Open Society), leader of terrorist attacks in Yangon Region arrested

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The chart on leaders in terror acts in Yangon Region based on confession of Kyaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy.

Kyaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy, advisor of political and security affairs to terrorist CRPH/NUG and Public Information Officer of 88 Generation Peace and Open Society, who conducted terrorism acts including mine attacks to undermine the State stability, was arrested at the two-storey building No (109/B) in Pinlon Housing in Dagon Myothit (North) Township on the morning of 24 October.
He was arrested together with 6 AK-47s, 8 M-16s, 2 12-bolt guns, one homemade gun and 18 magazines.
The suspect is being charged under case number 26 of the Penal Code, Section 505 (b) at Pazundaung Township Court of Yangon Region on 11 February together with the fugitive Min Ko Naing for committing incitement to occur riots and CDM movement.
According to his confession, he communicated with the media outlets to occur riots and urge the government employees to join CDM while he was living in Pinlon Complex in February and March 2021. On 2 April, he moved to Mae Sot of Thailand with his wife Daw Nilar Thein. Then, he organized the Moon Light Operation that includes Saw Thet Tun (aka) Nay Chuu (Sky Age Education), Ko Ko Gyi (Sangyoung, 88 Generation Peace and Open Society), Thura Kyaw (aka) Nicolas, Than Aung (former political prisoner), Ye Zarni (aka) Auno (Nway Oo Gangaw) and Kyaw Kyaw Moe (aka) Zaw Win Maung (88 Generation Peace and Open Society), being arrested) in April to launch bomb attacks and murder cases.
The Moon Light Operation led by Kaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy, Yangon Urban Guerilla-YUG led by Phyo Zeyar Thaw and Yangon PDF led by Wai Phyo Han launched the attacks targeting the students, teachers and schools in Yangon in May. Then, they killed the administrators, non-NLD members, other people under the topic of informers and also attacked on power stations, state-owned buildings, private banks and innocent people. To start the attacks, the fugitive Lwin Ko Latt handed over 30 AK-47s and M-16s, 600 bullets, 90 magazines and 500 cardamoms and the terrorists launched the acts of terrorism in Yangon area.
The Moon Light Operation had made a plan to begin 8 Missions in Yangon Region after NUG declared D-Day on 7 September.
Therefore, Kyaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy arrived in Yangon on 22 September to supervise the 8 Missions closely living in Pinlon housing.
The Mission 1 was to launch attacks on Twantay Township while the Mission-2 on Insein Township, Mission-3 on Hlegu Township and they completed the missions in October.
The remaining Mission-4, Mission-5, Mission-6, Mission-7 and Mission-8 were planned to conduct in Yinkin, Mingaladon, Dala, Thakayta, Dagon Myothit (South) and Hlinethaya townships.
The NUG/CRPH/NUCC members fugitives Yi Mon, Zaw Wai Soe, Mahn Win Khaing Than, Aung Kyi Nyunt, Lwin Ko Latt, Win Myat Aye, Htin Linn Aung, Moe Zaw Oo, Phyu Phyu Thin, Min Ko Naing and Jimmy conducted a weekly zoom meeting to provide the needed ammunition, magazines, C-4 cartridge, grenade, cardamom, drone, satellite cell phones, radio phone, money and techniques.
Therefore, Kyaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy was found guilty for monitoring the acts of terrorism to brutally kill the innocent people in Yangon and communicating with terrorist groups NUG/CRPH/NUCC. He will be charged under Penal Code section 124, 2014 Counter-Terrorism Law, Unlawful Association Act, Arms Act and Explosive Substances Act in addition to Penal Code Section 505-a.
Moreover, the action will be taken against the members of NUG/CRPH/NUCC who cooperated with suspect Kyaw Min Yu (aka) Jimmy.
The people should inform the nearest security forces about the information of suspects.—MNA

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