Labour attaché inspects Certificate of Identity Centers

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Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok says it is issuing CIs for Myanmar workers.  Photo: Pwint Thitsar

According to the announcement from Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, CI are being issued to the Myanmar workers without any valid document listed by Thai Ministry of Labour starting from 15 September, it was learnt.
According to the list of Thai Labour Ministry, there are 288954 displaced workers from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Most of the listed workers are known to be working in construction, agriculture and husbandry and restaurant works. Most of the listed workers are from Chom Bueng District, Samut Prakan District, Paton Htarni District and Chiang Mai District. Three CI issuing centers are extended at Songkhla in southern Thailand, at Nkos Sawan in middle Thailand and Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, according to Labour attaché, U Moe Aung Khaing.
The workers holding Temporary Residence Permit (TR – 38) and those whose temporary passports for 6 years (violet and red booklet) are still valid can pay 300 Thai Baht at any 7-Eleven store and those who were listed in Thai Labour Ministry shall deposit 300 Baht and another 500 Thai Baht for permit fees at any 7-Eleven store. Then the workers can get the receipt and go to CI centers with that receipt for their document.
For the workers listed at the Thai Ministry of Labour while they are doing their CIs, they can have medical check-up, visas and work permits by one stop service, said U Moe Aung Khaing, Labour Attache of Myanmar Embassy.—Pwint Thitsar

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