Let us work in unity for the betterment of our nation and people!

  • Editorial from the Mirror Daily (Kyemon) dated 22/ December 2016

Since time immemorial, latent characteristics of the inner self—greed, anger and ignorance have existed in every individual. Mischievous deeds are instigated by the said greed, anger and ignorance. Accordingly, fire-like deeds are burning all the time around us.
Due to the ignition of defilements said above, tortures and slaughters occur in human society. It is a disgusting thing to see such deeds among brethren groups, that cause a great loss and suffering in our circles.
It is not a strange thing that the egocentric nature of human beings begets ill wills, but if and when disintegration of unity happen to us who belong to the same brotherhood living on the same land, outsiders or rather those wanting to bring us to the brink of ruin, will surely be happy.
We have all known that there was a time in the past when our Union had nearly disintegrated, on account of our failure to live in unity and friendship with one another. Yet, there is no hint of the lessening of craving, anger and ignorance seen in us. I want to say that it is attributed to the lack of willingness to cherish and develop the Union.
We should never ever forget the gratitude we owe to our patriotic heroes born on our land, Myanmar, who sacrificed their lives to regain the independence which was lost. Throughout Myanmar history, there were many patriotic heroes and good leaders in different parts of the country. They were national leaders and figures that emerged on the Myanmar political stage to fight colonialists and bring about the development in the country, not for their popularity and personal benefits.
Under the leadership of our national leaders, the entire national populace fought in unity hand in hand with one another to regain the independence we had lost. Likewise, we are all responsible to safeguard our independence and sovereignty for all eternity.
Demands of the historical situations produce national leaders who are willing and ready to sacrifice their lives for the benefit of the country and its people. Hence, we are required to perform our responsibilities in unison in the interest of all national races, under the leadership of our respected leaders.

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