Loilem with natural beauties in southern Shan State

Two Buddha Stupas built on the Taung Chon mountain 72
Two Buddha Stupas built on the Taung Chon mountain. Photo: Loilem Moe

By Loilem Moe

Beautiful forests, mountains and lakes in various parts of the country are the significant features of Myanmar. Different regions and states have possessed their own natural beauties for the whole the year.
Chin and Shan states are full of the unparalleled natural beauty in the cold season. Loilem, with an altitude of 4447 feet above sea level, is a town in mountainous southern Shan State. Surrounded by mountains, it was named Loilem after the 6,262-foot-high (Taung Chon) mountain to the west of the town. In Shan language, Loi means Taung and Lem means Chon. There are two pagodas built on the mountain more than 60 years ago.
Although no one could go for trekking to the mountain due to the unstable conditions of the area in the past, people can do now mountain tour to Taung Chon Mountain from the western slopes of the town that surrounds Loilem.
Approximately 7 miles from Loilem, the Taung Chon Mountain, the highest peak of the region, can be reached by car. It takes around 30 minutes of trekking to the top of the mountain from the foot of it. In winter, you can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the forest and mountains with the fresh air that carries the fragrance like a beautiful winter painting, and a beautiful poem.

6262 foot high Taung Chon mountain. 72 scaled
6,262-foot-high (Taung Chon) mountain. Photo: Loilem Moe

Among the 60-year-old two pagodas, one was damaged due to natural disaster in May 2018 and another one was almost collapsed. With the contribution and donation of the residents of Loilem, Chief monk U Thu Nanda of Hwae Haung monastery in Pan Oh village tract in Loilem, and people from the township and district administration departments, these two pagodas were renovated in February 2019. At present, Loilem is promoting mountainous tourism to Taung Chon Mountain and people from Loilem, Panglong, Mongpan and Namhsan come in groups and more and more people are coming to the mountain to enjoy the natural beauty and to pay homage to the two pagodas. As the area is more stable, the number of mountaineers will increase.
May all friends from all over Myanmar plan a mountaineering trip to Loilem Taung Chon in the post-COVID-19 period, and enjoy the natural beauty of the forest, mountains and bring good health and happiness to the society. (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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