Losses Which Are Irreplaceable


Khin Maung Htay (Education)

School libraries and rural ones had been opened for children to acquire knowledge and intellect, but their reading speed did not develop to the extent expected. By seeing this we can conclude that our children’s use of libraries is still only at a low level.

Literary Festivals
Very recently, festivals for children literature have been held in Mandalay and Mawlamyine cities. It is heartening to find interested parents and children come to study attentively and buy books after choosing what they wanted. To readers’ delight, Weekend Book Stalls and Book Centers have been opened. So, an idea occurred to my mind that festivals for children and Nobel Myanmar Book Fair should be held frequently.

School Lesson
In an outlook of a teacher at the chalk face, there are a lot that can revitalize and change children’ intellect, among the Readers they have to learn at schools. For example, the lesson like, “Hellen Keller” in the Reader prescribed for matriculation can ignite readers’ aspiration to strive for success, without yielding to any hardships and difficulties throughout their lives. “The Last Leaf” taught at 9th standard as well depicted how people should look after between each other, though living apart.
We find good lessons can give good outlooks. While working as the teacher, I greatly appreciated a lesson from Matriculation Myanmar Reader named “My leisure hours” written by writer “P Morning”. I taught and explained it to students enthusiastically. In it there included noteworthy expressions concerning “time”. It was very interesting to recount some figures and Buddhist monks who strictly kept time in Myanmar history. Whatever it is, the lesson can impress children with the good idea that time should not be wasted uselessly.
Now I felt sorrow greatly for having it deleted from the syllabus. That is because I firmly believe that school lessons are effective in educating school-age children intellect and knowledge on moral ethics. Had curriculums for different classes been compiled with a view to developing children’s multi-education in physical & mental development, character, aesthetics and vocational knowledge, it would be of great benefit for them.

Media Covering A Vast Land
One of the reasons for which people are becoming less interested in reading is said to be the development of online media such as social websites, twitter and so on. But, on an over-all view to international market, print media is still essentially being subscribed. People are still in the habit of keeping myriads of books on their book-shelves as remembrance.
On examining into online users, it is very depressing. Online literates are meager in amount. If we know how to use a phone, it is useful for us to apply it in various ways, like a computer. We can have applications of variety installed in a phone for various uses. In fact, we are using only a little bit out of applications installed in our phones.
Most are using face-book, a social website. Much as we cannot say exact amount of face-book users, almost phone uses are face-book users in Myanmar. In using face-book, they have no restriction on time. Every moment they have got leisure hours they go online, using face-book. This is attributed to an easy access to post what they want to and video files and photos. For these advantages, it is globally being used.
Social website pages are bringing news and information to us more rapidly, including timely statements & news release of professional experts. We can peruse and take notes of posts that can be said to be noteworthy things. As a matter of fact, we can earn money back   but we cannot get time lost even though we will pay bounty for regaining it. It is an irreplaceable loss.
Recently, a video file recording a murder case posted by the murderer himself had been spread on line for a few hours because of not being able to be removed from the webpage. As regards this, various kinds of criticism emerged, blaming lack of timely removal. Concerning this, Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and chief executive officer of face-book, social website said it at the FB Developer Conference.
Nowadays, there are extremely large amounts of people using face-book, wasting time and money other than usefully. They include our families, relatives and next of kin. Nothing can be said about it, if they hold the ruler of inborn human rights because they have spent their own money.

Look forward to public benefits
Humans cannot live alone, having to live in society or community. We need to take people’s interest into consideration, rather than our personal benefits. Only if national interest develops, will the interest of every individual develop, to put it simply on a national scale. Likewise, our nation will be of great benefit, only if every person lives frugally and work hard.  Look at today’s face-book pages. The worst thing is that we usually hate speech and vulgar usages. There are some groups spreading rumors and invented stories, by exaggerating a piece of ordinary news. Some are posting indecent and compromising photos and video files. Spreading fabricated news as an ad hominem attack is in fact a great loss that comes to nothing.
Taking Selfie
Some harm nobody, posting photos about themselves or those nearby or their routines, since dawn to dusk, including taking meal and drinking coffee. Nothing special is being posted. It would have been acceptable if the meal they took, the place they went and the persons they met were peculiar than ever. Now they have been posting selfies without aim and objective, with the exception of drinking water & going to toilets. Though they are disappointing, it is not appropriate for us to block these posters, being close friends.  Here I want to say is none other than the fact that we are losing time and money, with the passing time. As said above, we can earn money again but time lost is regrettable. What is more regrettable is that our potential avant-garde had been consumed with the time.

Think ourselves reasonably
If we assess our deeds, money can be earned again, but we exerted our physical and mental efforts for getting it, so we should not waste it. It will cost a family consisting of 4 or 5 members 50,000 Kyats on the conservative estimate, may be round about 100,000 Kyats, including on-line charges.
40,000 or 50,000 kyats spent is equivalent to the income earned for the whole month by an ordinary daily-wager. Instead, some spent much money on purchasing pre-paid phone cards, living on scanty amount of food. They are spending their time online.  Every one of us living in a society should not be satisfied just with the pleasure of a family or a group. We should not kill time without applying our abilities. Instead of it, we should always try our best for self-motivation so that our capacities will become higher and higher. As for those who know how to use on-line beneficially, online websites are like a resource that will never be deprived of knowledge much as we exploit enormously. Now is the knowledge age—the knowledgeable ones can enjoy benefits while the naïve ones will go past the resource.
Hence, we should assess time and money wasted. Spending excessively is a useless wastage. Changes start from every individual, thence to a family and a country. Therefore all want changes.
So as to be able to liberate ourselves from unbeneficial losses, let us start from individuals!

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