Low intelligence is the root cause of all problems


It is worth stating in the first place that the education we receive at schools and universities is not all we need to grapple with challenges that lie in store when we enter the real world. This will be manifested in the assumption that learning is a lifelong process. It would thus be wrong if we are content with our academic success.
The fact that our degrees and certificates give us a sense of achievement in education is beyond question. A few moments of quiet contemplation will convince us that educated people still get involved in conflict. This means that education alone cannot stop controversy since people, when driven by jealousy, will always have something to fulminate against one another.
There is a great difference between education and intelligence. It should, however, be important for us to bear in mind that there is no intelligence if there is no education. In other words, we need to educate ourselves to become intelligent.
In this respect, education is reactive and intelligence, proactive. Reactive management is a situation in which we react to problems after they arise and as a result we are always a step behind. In contrast, proactive management is a situation in which we plan ahead to avoid or manage problems rather than waiting for them to happen and reacting to them. Either way, it is intelligence that can distinguish between illusion and reality.
The point is that the educated always think that they have learned a lot, whereas the intelligent always consider that they still have a lot to learn. It is a fact of life that educated people will always outnumber intelligent people. Anyway, where there is life, there is hope.

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