Maei Gyaing Resort crowded with visitors

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Travellers seen at Maei Gyaing Resort in Taungup Township of Rakhine State.

It was reported that this year’s number of visitors to the Maei Gyaing Resort, which is located 17 miles from Maei, Taungup Township, Rakhine State, is on the rise compared to last year.
Maei Gyaing Resort is located about three furlongs from Maei Creek and the resort was opened on 18 December 2021 with five bungalows that can accommodate six people and three common rooms.
“The seating areas have been neatly expanded to enjoy the scenery,” said resort founder Ko Win Zaw.
It is a Mountainside Resort type. The purpose of constructing the bungalows, huts and opening the resort is to provide a peaceful and comfortable stay for the travellers who come to those areas.
He said that he wants every traveller from near and far to know that there is a place full of beautiful scenery.
The number of visitors to the resort this year increased more than last year. It is reported that they are mostly travellers who come from near and far, and university students who come in groups.
“It is planned so that you can take a rest while coming to travellers. If you arrive at the resort, will you take a boat ride? whether to swim and feed the fish? Fishing? At night, you can have fun with your friends, have a bonfire and play the guitar, or do whatever you like,” he said.
Even if the visitors are going to cook their own meals, pots and pans have been arranged for convenience.
Ko Win Zaw said that if everybody wants to enjoy the cool weather and beautiful scenery while they are looking for a pilgrimage, they should go to “Maei Gyaing”.
Ko Win Zaw continued that the Rakhine word Gyaing means “valley”.—Maung Maung Htay (IPRD)/KZL

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