Marching towards the goal of a Federal Republic

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  • National Reconciliation and the Peace process are being carried out for the emergence of a Democratic Federal Republic, inspired by the people to bring equal opportunities to all.
    We have seen armed conflicts for seventy years, based upon suspicion, mistrust, hate and antagonism, as the consequences and demands for equal opportunity and self-determination by ethnic minorities.
    Dreams and aspirations of our country and our people were being sacrificed in these long-running armed conflicts.
    The desires of the ethnic armed groups can be achieved through participation in the national reconciliation and peace dialogues.
    To take steps towards reaching these goals, it is a must for all stakeholders to take part in the peacemaking process. The major stakeholders for the peace process are the Tatmadaw and the ethnic armed organizations, and the first step in marching towards national reconciliation and peace is a ceasefire. Only after reaching a ceasefire can we move forward, step-by-step towards the goal.
    In fact, the NCA (Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement) is the beginning of the Peace Process, the beginning of the political dialogues, the beginning of reducing armed conflicts; it is the beginning of the political process that will result from the resolution of political problems through negotiations, discussions and a joint search for solutions. Our internal armed conflicts were born together with our independence, and today they are over 70 years.
    So far, 10 ethnic armed organizations have signed the NCA, and efforts are being made by the government to include the remaining organizations in the list.
    Whether the peace that was beyond the reach of the Union throughout its history can be achieved, or not, is dependent on the mind and decision of these groups.
    When we take steps towards peace, we understand the important role of the ethnic armed organizations which have not yet signed the NCA.
    The next step after signing the NCA is participating in the political discussions of the 21st Century Panglong Conference, where all stakeholders are to discuss the principles of democracy and federalism, which are the main points of the Union Accord.
    Immediately after signing the NCA, the people in the ceasefire areas can enjoy the fruits of peace at once. Afterwards, we can move forward to building a Democratic Federal Republic, in accordance with the Union Accord.
    We must have firm determination in walking down the path towards democracy and a federal republic by resolving the political problems through political dialogue.
    We earnestly urge those organizations which have not yet signed the NCA to work together, step by step, in this process.
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