Mass Rapid Transport (MRT)

  • By Ko Ko Aung

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Developed and developing countries have implemented Mass Rapid Transport systems, which can be abbreviated as Ma-Hta-Tha in Myanmar language. An effective transport system can help take a large number of people to any destination in a short time.
Good foundation for mass rapid transport Good foundations are required to transport a lot of people en masse to a destination. Building enough modern and latest model buses, a lot of bus routes, main roads, branch roads, shortcuts and ring roads cannot be seen comprehensively. Comprehensive developments for rapid public transport and sustainable and comprehensive systems depend 100% on good foundations. Among them, security of smooth transportations should be prioritized. For secure and smooth transportation, there are two parts: security and smoothness.
In security sector, safe driving involves systematically built main roads, branch roads, ring roads, two-tiered roads, causeways and flyovers by means of modern engineering; in smooth sector, road signals, junction traffic and signal lights, circles, warning signboards, zebra crossings, overpasses and lampposts are included.
When roads, two-tiered roads, causeways and flyovers are built by means of modern engineering, safe driving depends of modern technology. The systematic arrangement of road signs, traffic lights, circles, warning signboards, zebra crossings and overpasses is in place; vehicular control system and actions taken have made traffic flows quick and smooth; it is very important and must base on technical systems.

Construction of roads and upgrading
In road construction sector, wide traffic lanes, two-tiered roads, construction of overpasses and causeways must be carried out by means of modern engineering including the endurance of earthquake intensity.
Upgrading , sustainable development and regular maintenance must be observed for the comprehensive security. Even though constructions are implemented by means of modern engineering on the one hand, upgrading and regular maintenance cannot be carried out on the other hand, thus having no complete security on the road.
Similarly, handing of vivid road signs, traffic islands, obstacle must be clearly seen in day and night. Warning signs could be easily seen hanging during night and day. Practical creations of zebra crossings and overpasses, systematic installations of crossroads, and signal traffic lights for easy traffic flow, avoidance of obstacle on the way must be emphasized for smooth traffic flow.

Control for vehicular routes
Control for vehicular routes must be taken care of as a very important role. In controlling traffic routes, electronic systems and experts go together. Controlling by traffic lights means using electronic systems whereas traffic policemen serve as human experts. Electronic systems serve as the way for automatic traffic lights. During natural disasters and man-made disasters such as fire, collapses of buildings and bridges and cracks in road surfaces happen, experts and traffic police must be called out. The benefits of local traffic systems are vividly found; in addition to going to office during rush hours, the opposite lands are allowed, with traffic police blocking the crosscut routes, thus stranding hundreds of cars on both routes, including those respective branch roads.
Due to the disadvantages of this system, people waste about one-and-a-half hours per day on the road, losing man-hours and time. Individual as well as organizational capabilities have been lost on the road to urbanization and development.

Weighing up between traffic systems and policemen
For instance, there six lanes on the main road where cars are stopped for two seconds ; it means three vehicles are blocked. Here in this place, if blocked for one minute, there will be 90 vehicles blocked. If blocked for 5 minutes, there will be 450 cars coming to a halt. One could imagine how long a series of cars waiting at the traffic lights. In this way, cars on the main roads are unable to drive on the branch roads nor will those on the latter come forwards the main road. Then the blockage of vehicular routed happens; during the day, long duration of vehicular blockage means traffic blockage will occur many more times. That is why during the normal time, cars should be stopped not more than one minute whereas not more than one and a half minutes during office hours. Therefore, the traffic police should not interfere in controlling the automatic traffic systems. Public transportation system as well as an organization and individual system will go quickly and smoothly.

(Translated by Arakan Sein)

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