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Maungtaw, Chinshwehaw, Kawthoung border trade crosses US$14 mln on 1-17 April

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In a bid to conduct surveillance of the offshore fishing vessels in Kawthoung District, the VMS devices have been located in Myeik, Taninthayi Region, Yangon Region, Rakhine State and Mon State and Nay Pyi Taw.  Photo: Kanu

The value of Myanmar’s border trade through Maungtaw, Chinshwehaw and Kawthoung borders totalled US$14.434 million from 1 to 17 April, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics indicated.
Between 1 and 17 April, the cross-border trade via the Maungtaw checkpoint with the neighbouring country Bangladesh was estimated at $0.264 million, with exports worth $0.26 million and imports worth $0.004 million.
Myanmar shipped areca nut, coconut, dried plum, fresh ginger, mango, Marian plum, rohu, dried fish, hilsa, footwear, dried rice noodles, Thanaka cakes and plum jam to Bangladesh, while PVC tank, plastic pipe and aluminum water pot were imported.
Similarly, Myanmar’s border trade with China through Chinshwehaw totalled $12.603 million, including exports worth $3.234 million and imports worth $9.369 million. The trade value showed an increase of $2.297 million in exports and $5.229 million in imports compared to those recorded in the corresponding period last year.
Myanmar increasingly exported broken rice, corn, green gram, butter bean, rice bean, peanut, dried tea leaf, grain, fresh ginger, raw rubber, fresh chilli pepper, dried yam, onion and cotton to Thailand, while capital goods, raw materials and consumer goods were imported.
Between 1 and 16 April, the Kawthoung border saw trade worth $1.567 million comprising exports of $0.859 million (848 tonnes) and imports of $0.708 million (538 tonnes).
Myanmar mostly delivered fishery products to Thailand under the FOB system. Exports surpassed imports at the Kawthoung border. The main export items are fish, shrimp, salted fish, crab, squid, molluscs, soda powder, sodium carbonate, alum, lime powder and coloured powder.—TWA/EM

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