Message of Greetings from Commander in Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee of Armed Forces Day on 27 March 2020

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Citizens of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, ethnic national brothers and sisters, born of this Union,
The 27 March 2020 is the 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of Armed Forces Day. Our Republic of the Union of Myanmar has achieved the 72nd anniversary of independence and sovereignty on 4 January 2020. The history of the Tatmadaw has traversed in parallel with the struggle for independence. The right to hold in our hands Independence and sovereignty is also the priceless right of ownership of the Myanmar people.
The history of the Myanmar people is long. The ugliest and darkest period in Myanmar history was the time when the country was under colonial rule, when we were ruled by foreign aggressors, in other words when we were ruled as slaves.
The main causes for losing the country’s independence were the lack of unity and a powerful modern armed force. Due to this lesson given by history, the young thirty patriotic comrades led by Bogyoke Aung San acquired modern military skills with much sacrifice, daring and strenuous efforts. They began to stage an anti-fascist revolution together with the people on 27 March 1945, till independence was achieved. This day was initially designated as the “Resistance Day”, and beginning from 1995 it was renamed “Armed Forces Day” with deep meaning, and on 27 March 2020, we have reached the 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary. During this Diamond Jubilee period which was not traversed with ease and comfort, the Tatmadaw completed this long arduous and hazardous journey through the sacrifice of life, body, blood and sweat. All these sacrifices were made by all those who sacrificed with only one objective for the State and the People: Independence and perpetuation of Sovereignty, Non-disintegration of the Union, and Non-disintegration of national unity. The Four Solemn Vows of the Tatmadaw members who have made the above sacrifice are as follows:
(1) We pledge loyalty to the State and the people
(2) We pledge loyalty to the fallen soldiers
(3) We will dutifully perform the tasks and orders given by the superiors
(4) We pledge to sacrifice our lives for our State, our people and our Tatmadaw.
If we look at the different periods the past, present and future, the Tatmadaw has firmly stood with loyalty for the State and the People, throughout the past 75 year period for independence and to maintain the independence thus achieved using our bare chests as bunkers. At present, the Tatmadaw is performing defence duties and other historic duties, focusing on strengthening the path of multiparty democracy which is the aspiration of the people, and the interests of nation and its people, regardless of any challenges, for political stability, security stability and lasting peace which are key necessities for the country with diligence and ardent spirit. In the future also, the Tatmadaw is developing itself into a capable, modern, patriotic and powerful organization to keep abreast with regional and world military powers. The Tatmadaw must not disintegrate for the sake of the nation. Those who want to destroy the Tatmadaw tried to do so in the past, present and future. In these circumstances, the Tatmadaw must have alertness, wisdom, always training, always having military awareness and always battle ready.
The Tatmadaw is a genuine Union Tatmadaw as it is formed with offspring of our national people. The Tatmadaw is a component of the State and the People.
We and our new generations need to safeguard significant historic traditions of the Tatmadaw in the same way as our lives. With solemn vows standing in frontlines not to lose any inch of our national territories, I send this message of greetings on 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of Armed Forces Day. Myanmar must exist till the end of the world.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing
Commander in Chief of Defence Services
27 March 2020

(Translated by Aung Khin)

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