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Military columns continuously take necessary security measures to prevent terrorists from settling in Ukarithta area

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A record photo where terrorists took positions at pogodas and religious buildings to attack Tatmadaw column.

The information was released on 2 July that the KNLA and the so-called PDF terrorist group repeatedly attacked the Ukarithta camp with a larger strength. Tatmadaw members from the camp relentlessly fought the terrorists by taking ground and air supporting fire with all their might, and reinforcements worked together with those from the camp amid the geographical barriers and climatic conditions, and they performed local security measures at the camp and environs.
Although this information was released on 2 July in a timely manner, documentary photos and evidences were not fully reported due to time constraints. Here are some more photos of the military cooperation between the Tatmadaw members from the Ukarithta camp and the reinforcement forces.
During the security measures in the vicinity of the camp, it was found that the KNLA and so-called PDF terrorists took religious buildings and residential buildings to cover them during their attacks. Tatmadaw troops are continuing to provide the necessary security measures so as to prevent terrorists from taking refuge in the Ukarithta area.—MNA

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