Ministry of Health and Sports Order 107/2020

MoHSRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
Ministry of Health and Sports
Order 107/2020

4th Waxing of Tawthalin, 1382
(20 September 2020)

The Ministry of Health and Sports is exercising the rights in Article 21-(b) of the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases Law to issue this order.
1. The Ministry of Health and Sports is continuously working on prevention measures for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and amid the discovery of new positive cases in Yangon Region including those who have not had contact with any positive cases and the rapid increase of cases in a short amount of time, stay-at-home measures are necessary for the people in each of the townships in Yangon Region.
2. Thus, all citizens in Yangon Region (excluding Cocogyun Township) are included in the stay-at-home programme.
3. This being the case, all people in Yangon Region (excluding Cocogyun Township) are to adhere to the following rules:

(a) Relating to the stay-at-home order (for government departments in accordance with Letter No. 2354/264/COVID-19/Committee(2020) issued on 14-9-2020 by the National-Level Central Committee on Prevention, Containment and Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), to follow the directive for civil servants to rotate on a 2-week for office attendance and 2-week on work-from-home basis. Those in the private sector concerning banks and financial services, fuel refilling stations, food businesses and cold warehouses, pharmaceutical and medical equipment businesses, drinking water businesses, and factories producing daily hygiene products are not included).
(b) Organizations and companies are to work from home.
(c) Raw material and cut-make-pack(CMP) factories and workplaces are not allowed to have staff coming into the workplace between 24-9-2020 to 7-10-2020.
(d) Only one person per household can go outside to purchase essentials.
(e) Only two persons per household may go outside for hospital or clinical visits.
(f) Always wear facemasks/masks when going outside.
(g) Allow only vehicles transporting working people and permitted vehicles may enter any township.
(h) Within the ward, only the driver and one other person are permitted to go shopping and only the driver and two other persons are permitted to go to the hospital.
4. If the number of people exceed the limitations mentioned in Paragraph 3-(d), (e) and (h), or for any other emergency reasons, prior notice should be given to the relevant ward administrator and they in turn must only permit the people going from and returning to the ward and not allow people from outside the ward to enter or other people within the ward to leave.
5. Failure to comply with this order will have action taken in accordance with existing laws.
6. This order takes effect as of 8AM on 21-9-2020.
7. This order supersedes the Order 100/2020 issued on 1-9-2020 and Order 102/2020 issued on 9-9-2020 by the Ministry of Health and Sports.

Sd/ Dr Myint Htwe
Union Minister


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