Mission to resolve conflicts will be accomplished in no time

  • Tha Sein
  • For a long time Rakhine State has been a backwater. But this has changed. The 9/10 violent attacks launched have resulted in an escalation of tension that would place the region deep into a communal violence. The assailants perpetrated
    the atrocities for the mere reason that they courted displeasure.
    No matter how desperately they undermined regional stability and peace, the region is starting to recover from the battering it endured in recent violent attacks, and it is a daydream for those who are still unable to have a proper look at the strategic position of the country to expect the collapse of the region.
    Having a lot of time for both communities, officials engaged in bringing back the situations to normal, rose to the occasion and responded to the plight of locals in distress. In a surprise move, independent journalists had disclosed the true situations after having extensive media access in the region. Having expressed their satisfaction about the access to information in the conflict areas and having seen the true situations with their own eyes, one of them stated that what the people expressed were totally different from the situations on the ground.
    Now, the government is taking a shrewd, pragmatic approach to turn the region into a healthy one, which is a vital issue that relates to the destiny of both communities. If the atmosphere were made best use of, the region could surely prosper due to the vast potential it owns.
    Now that the international community’s view and outlook on the situation has undergone a fundamental change, we are now acting in a way that is transparent and accountable to the communities and looking into what is a bone of contention. With this, it is hoped that our mission to resolve the conflicts will be accomplished in no time.

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