Mizo people celebrate Chapchar Kut in Kalay

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Mizo young lad and lass perform Chapchar Kut, one of the Chin tribes’ dance at the athletic field in Kalay Town yesterday.  Photo:MDN

The Chapchar Kut, one of the Chin tribes’ festivals, was held yesterday morning in Kalay Town in Sagaing Region.
It is the Mizo people’s traditional festival, and was held at the athletic field in Kalay Town. There are three major kinds of festivals namely Chapchar Kut, Mim Kut and Pawl Kut.
The festival is annually held in the month of March. The word Kut means festival and Chapchar means drying bamboo and trees farmers cut in order to start farming. The festival is celebrated as a way to show thanks to the gods for protecting them from harm while they are clearing the forest for cultivation work.
Mizo people prepare food and home brewed liquor one month before the festival. At the festival they entertain visitors with bamboo dances and other traditional dances. In Kalay Township, there are 26 villages where Mizo people are living. Mizo people also live in Sei Pui village in Falam, Chin State.


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