MoHT to provide online training in occupational safety

According to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, an occupational safety online training will be provided under the “Enchanting Myanmar Health and Safety Protocol” programme.
Under the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism’s supervision, the occupational safety training regarding hotels and guest houses, restaurants, transportation, travel companies, tour guides, tourist destinations and attractions and souvenir shops will be provided in states and regions. The training will be conducted four times, and each time will be accommodating only 30 trainees. A total of 60 pieces of training will be launched through an online system in states and regions including Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory.
The training will be led by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and lectured by the representatives from the Ministry of Health and Sports, the representatives from the related associations and COVID-19 Safe Service Master Trainer and Inspector graduated trainers. The training will involve 10 hours of teaching time for five days. The occupational safety training for hotels and tourism sector will be launched in states and regions. Therefore, Myanmar Tourism Federation and its 11 affiliated associations can contact the directorate of hotels and tourism department from state and regions to send the participants to the training. —Thiri (Translated by Hay Mar)


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