More 213,777 households supplied with electrical power

More than 213,700 houses recently received access to electricity, bringing the total number of households supplied with power nationwide to 3,911,966, which constitutes 35 per cent of the country’s households.
On a nationwide scale, out of 10,877,832 households, there were 3,698,219 households that could use the power supply up to the end of March, 2016 — 34 per cent of the whole nation, according to the Ministry of Electrical Power and Energy. The Ministry of Electrical Power and Energy has been increasing access to electrical power, which plays an important role for the development of the State in many ways, with budget allotments granted by the State and with foreign aid and loans.
From the end of March up to now, 206 miles of 230-KV Grid Line, 190 miles of 66-KV Grid Line, 14 miles of 33-KV Grid Line, 0.32 mile of 6.6-KV Grid Line and 173 miles of 400-Volts Grid Line were installed.
In addition, 14 66/11 KV Grid Stations, 13 Grid Stations of 33/11 KV, 173 Grid Stations of 11/0 . 4 KV were built. —Than Oo (Laymyathnar)

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