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Multi-traffic control teams rehearse to take action against unruly vehicles

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Multi-traffic control teams conducted a rehearsal to take action against unruly motor vehicles that drive through the red light.
Combined teams consisting of the Yangon City Development Committee, staff of the Engineering Department (Road and Bridge), members of the traffic control police, and security personnel, participated in the rehearsal since YBS buses, taxis and private vehicles often drive through the red light in Yangon Region.
During the rehearsal, they waited at the Hanthawady roundabout, U Wisara roundabout, the corner of Pyay road and Min Ye Kyaw Swar traffic light, Ahlon road traffic lights and Pyay junction traffic lights, and could prevent the vehicles from driving through the red light.
Awareness-raising activities will be increased so that the people drive vehicles in a disciplined manner and reduce traffic accidents within the Yangon City municipal area, and in the future, mobile applications, websites and online pages will be available for timely notification of violations to vehicle owners and drivers, as well as it will be broadcast on newspapers, radio, and television. — TWA/GNLM

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