Myanmar society is today being established based upon the basic human values of peace, freedom and development, with the nation’s youth playing a major role: President U Win Myint

Following is the full-text of the speech of President U Win Myint delivered at the Youths All-Round Development Festival (Magway)

President U Win Myint delivers the speech at the Youths All-Round Development Festival in Magway. Photo: MNA
President U Win Myint delivers the speech at the Youths All-Round Development Festival in Magway. Photo: MNA

Union Ministers, Magway Region Chief Minister and ministers, Magway Region Hluttaw Speaker and Hluttaw representatives, experts and learned person from various sectors, teachers and students. May you all be well both spiritually and physically.
It is a pleasure to see such a huge number of youngsters in Magway University compound. Ministry of Information, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Sports and Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement in coordination with Yangon Region government and Mandalay Region government successfully held Youths AllRound Development Festival (Yangon) and Youths All-Round Development Festival (Mandalay) in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Similarly, arrangements were made to hold a Youths All-Round Development Festival in Magway from 14 to 16 December 2019.
Literary, arts, sports and innovative activities, talks, exhibitions, book sales and displays will be included and attended by youths, students, parents, teachers, literary enthusiasts, artists and IT experts making it a day when a beautiful image of Magway University is created.
The Youths All-Round Development Festival is held today with the aims of sharing skills, knowledge, facts and ethics to youths and youngsters and to establish a future society of Myanmar with the good thoughts and morals of youths. Myanmar society is today being established based upon the basic human values of peace, freedom and development, with the nation’s youth playing a major role. In any country, youths were its most valuable forces.
It is known to all that 33.8 percent of the population of Myanmar were youths between the ages of 15 to 35. These youths were invaluable human resources for Myanmar’s development and will be taking over the country’s leadership role in the future. The country’s future is in the hand of the youths. Youths’ endeavours, views, knowledge, excellence, frankness, unselfishness and enthusiasm are essential for the country’s development.
The State was of the view that for the development of our future the capability of youths needs to be raised. It was for this that events such as Youths All-Round Development Festival were being held.
Efforts were made to draw up youth affairs policies according to the changing time and era, Youth themselves had participated in drawing up and approving the youth affairs policy. Youths were also found to be participating enthusiastically in every sector toward the country’s development. As youths were able to participate and draw up such youth affairs policy, they were also trusted to cooperate and play a role in the establishment of democracy federal union. This was a good effort and could be considered as a proud expectation for the development of future youth.
Countries of the world can be seen as striving in full might toward supporting and uplifting new generation of youths for their future society. In other words, they have full trust and depend on the power of the youth as the main driving force for future society. Youths are naturally courageous, enthusiastic, curious, daring and play a main role in the changes to the country.
Our government hold onto the principle of raising the working capability, physical and mental development of youth who are the main artery of the country’s future. That was why efforts were made toward creating learning opportunity, acquiring health knowledge, reducing the problem of drug, raising knowledge and innovativeness for youth. At the moment, youth affairs policies based on youths’ views, voices and thoughts were drawn up and relevant ministerial departments, state and region governments cooperating and implementing it together in a balanced way.
Youths All-Round Development Festival is held with the aim of developing the five strengths of youth. In striving for the country’s development it needs to be noted that not only physical development, but mental development and higher level of knowledge were very important.
Youths that came into being with their unique capabilities were to be taught and trained with skills and knowledge to face and overcome challenges of the future and to flow along with the changing time and era. At the same time, all are urged to develop the youths’ reverence and love to the country and its people, cooperative and participative spirit for the development of the country.
There are three points that the State would like to remark with great emphasis.
Firstly, there were many things in the 21st century that affects and influences youth. The world was not standing still and was changing and developing as time goes by. Our youths need to be ready and prepared to use the opportunities that arise from the challenges.
Secondly, within the modernity and developments, it is very important for youths to maintain and strengthen their honesty, straightforwardness, valuing and cherishing of truth and their morality. Avoid with extreme care the danger and peril of the drug menace that was always lurking nearby. Take care and look after one another.
Thirdly, breed within self since young the union spirit, democracy federal citizen spirit that was in accordance with a democracy political system and federal system. Recognize the diversities within the union born ethnic nationals. Our youths are urged to display mutual respect, sympathy and provide assistance to establish the nation’s unity of strength.
Youths participating in the Youths All-Round Development Festival are to strive toward the country’s development by raising their capabilities continuously, strive toward development of good qualities, breed the mindset of working for the majority and work together toward establishing a society based on freedom and development. Raise the country’s honour and work with full spiritual and physical strengths. Thank you.
(Unofficial Translation)

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