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Myanmar to export 8,000-10,000 metric tons of semi-processed mangoes to China


Myanmar will export 8,000-10,000 metric tons of semi-processed mangoes to China between 2020 and May, 2023, according to news released online by the Ministry of Commerce.
The Myanmar Golden Produce Co Ltd and China’s Gangxi Bao Sauce Garden Food Co Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the purchase of semi-processed mangoes on 12 December.
The two companies will continue discussing matters related to production technology, price, and quality standards.
The semi-processed mangoes will be shipped in cold storage containers to China’s Quinzhou Port through Yangon port.
At present, Myanmar mangoes can be exported to China through the border trade channel. Myanmar’s economic attaché in Nanning will help facilitate the shipment of mangoes through the maritime route.
Myanmar’s related departments will assist in the export of fruits listed with China’s Customs via sea trade.
According to the Myanmar Mango Market and Technology Development Association, mango processors in Mandalay have been exporting value-added products to foreign markets.
Value-added mango products such as mango paste, frozen mango, preserved mango slices, wine, and dried mango are being increasingly processed and sent to countries that have signed an MoU with Myanmar — mainly Russia, Singapore and China.
“Adding value to mango is helping us move beyond the domestic market and penetrate foreign markets. Mangoes from Paleik area were purchased and sent to a processing factory in Nay Pyi Taw. Value-added mango products were shipped to foreign countries by the Myanmar GP Company. Mango paste is used in making ice-cream, ice-pops, and juice,” said an official from the association.
Mango plantations cover 250,000 acres of land across Myanmar, and if the yield per acre is estimated at 3.5 tons, 200,000 acres can yield 700,000 tons of mangoes. Myanmar’s mangoes are primarily shipped to China, and also to India, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Japan.
Mango farm-owners need to follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). They also need to obtain GAP certification. The Agriculture Department has been instituting criteria for long-term organic farming.
In the 2017-2018 fiscal year, Myanmar exported 50,000 tons of Seintalone (Diamond Solitaire) mangoes. The country aims to raise the export volume of Seintalone to 100,000 tons in 2020, according to the Ministry of Commerce. – Mon Mon (Translated by EMM)

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