Myanmar’s mango market expands

IMG 1723 72Myanmar’s mango exports have increased each year alongside increases in local consumption, according to a report in the City News yesterday.
Myanmar’s mangoes have not only penetrated the local market but also the international market. Its high quality mangoes, called Sein Ta Lone (Diamond Solitaire) and Hinda, are being exported to Thailand, Singapore and China.
Currently, South Korea is conducting quality tests on Myanmar’s mangoes before importing them.
“The mangoes are mainly sent to the Chinese market through border trade camps. However, we do not want to lose the domestic market. Some 10 to 20 per cent of the mangoes produced in the country are consumed by the local people,” said the secretary of the association for technology and market promotion of Myanmar’s mangoes.
To increase local and foreign mango consumption, as well as exports, investments in the mango cultivation sector have increased, an official from the association for technology and market promotion of Myanmar’s mangoes revealed.
More than 200,000 acres are under mango cultivation in the Mandalay Region, while the Kyaukse Township mainly cultivates the Sein Ta Lone mango. Mango cultivation costs Ks500,000, while a mango tree is being sold for between Ks40,000 and Ks50,000, depending on its quality, noted a local grower.
There are more than 200 varieties of mangoes in Myanmar, but only 191 varieties are being cultivated. The Sein Ta Lone, Shwe Hintha and Padanmyar Ngamauk varieties are the most favoured in the market.—GNLM

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