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Myanmar’s wooden handicrafts marketable at domestic market

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The sale of Myanmar’s handicrafts made of wood in the local market was booming, said Daw Pyae Pyae, a manufacturer and seller of the handicrafts in Thabeikkyin Township.
“These wooden handicrafts are being produced and sold at low prices at the local market. In the production, various products are made and sold according to the categories. The price of each type of products sold in the market ranges from over K1,000 to K1 million. Currently, there are online customers in the country and sales are booming,” Daw Pyae Pyae said.
“We sell Myanmar’s wooden handicrafts in the market. We make and sell all kinds of products. We do everything according to the requirements. We primarily produce and sell them in the domestic market and export them to China and Thailand as well.
“At the moment, the online sales of alsm tray are strong locally and abroad. Most of the local orders are for traditional Myanmar alms bow (Bagan Era Style) to be kept in the living room. More and more Myanmar products are being used recently.
“Many home appliances are made of plastic. Compare it to materials made of porcelain. The price is lower and the quality of the product is different. As a result, domestic sales of wooden crafts have improved,” Daw Pyae Pyae added.
Myanma handicrafts made of wood and consumer goods are popular now. In addition, there is a plan to hold a fair to display and sell Myanmar’s handicrafts made of wood according to the local sellers.—Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-printing House)/GNLM

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