National Development Party presents its policy, stance and work program

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Chairman Dr. Ne Zin Latt.

Chairman Dr. Ne Zin Latt of National Development Party (NDP) presented the party’s policy, stance, work programs and other issues on radio and TV on 20 September.

Following is a translation of the presentation:

I wish all the people happiness and health.
The second by-election will be held soon. Although there are only a few seats candidates, I would like to present my thanks for gaining a chance to present policy, stance and the situation we are encountering.

Esteemed people,
The party’s name reflects the stance of our party. Based on the interest of all the 135 national races of the nation, we strongly believe nation building tasks will meet success only through experience and wisdom.
Let me present our party’s opinion on some important sectors of a country.

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Economy is the most important driving force in every country. A survey, conducted by the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry and supported by over 2000 businessmen, showed that Myanmar is facing an economic downturn continuously, and the year 2018 is the worst. Myanmar’s kyat currency has also slumped, compared to the currencies of neighbouring countries, which has a negative impact on economy.
NDP knows well how much important is an economy of a country. It also has ways and means to recover the country’s economy and how to improve it. The economic downturn is due to lack of a proper policy of using own forces correctly.
We have enough experts who are worthy of practical experience and well versed in economic affairs and who know what sound strategy to implement, which is the main requirement for a country. The party has not only experience within the country but also possesses skills to manage economy globally. The party also disseminates knowledge on public administration both in theory and in practice.

Our party accepts the fact that the country’s development has been hindered due to various armed groups since the time of independence. Currently, we cannot see good results because of the way to approach strategy of the whole process, although the policy of dialogue is correct.
We believe that peace process is one of the fronts for future of Myanmar and the current program should be replaced by some approaches which are more practical.

Social sector
The social sector is too broad that only governments that can drive the democratic mechanism will run it smoothly. Public administration is an art of managing every front and every sector of a country. Social problems, crimes, and drug cases which we can find in today’s news are greatly associated with public administration. Our party has experts in such issues and it disseminates knowledge on this.

Education and health
The two sectors which play a very important role for the present and future of the country are education and health. Reforms in the education sector should be made more than the present efforts, and the situation is the same also in the health sector. Reforms are to be made both in policy making and systems.
The question then arises, “Can the education sector follow the rules of international curriculum?” It is needed to fulfill the needs in the whole process, including teachers and teaching aids. Vocational training should be conducted for people who have dropped out from schools without completing their education. NDP acknowledges education and health play an important role for the future of Myanmar. If one of our candidates is elected, we will make a proposal to enact law in that regard.

Esteemed people,
The National Development Party is a party with firm stance and specific policy. The party possesses well-versed scholars who are experts in public administration and economic management which are very important for a country. The party is formed with many successful businessmen who can reach out to global economy, let alone nation’s business.
Focus of most importance should be on farmers and workers. Over 70 percent of the country’s population are farmers and their future depends on the nation’s economy, and unfortunately, theirs is not bright.
NDP has a plan for what policy should be adopted and what fulfillment should be made for farmers and workers who are forced into a quagmire of debt year after year. We have been making plans for short-term economy growth, high yield of crops and mechanized farming in middle term and prosperity of farmers in the long run. Farmers and workers are to be ushered into industrialization from farming.
Some sectors I would like to present are Myanmar and international relations, and regional politics and economy. As you all are aware, the terrorist acts in Maungtaw, Rakhine State, was transformed into international pressure and it has become a challenge for Myanmar government and the Tatmadaw. We anticipate these pressures will not be lesser but accelerate gradually.
These pressures on Myanmar have some impacts on the country’s economy to some extent, and the deliberations made at the United Nations also have impacts on the country more or less.
As we anticipate more impacts will be on the country at some point, we have developed policies and strategies how to deal effectively with international community, regional countries, UN and other powerful organizations.

Esteemed people,
There are many fronts and sectors to be tackled by a country. As there is time limit, I have presented just a few important sectors. NDP has been making clear and specific strategies regarding more broad issues, policies and processes to be implemented.
It is common that most of the issues need the approval of parliament to make a law. Here, I pledge that if you vote in favour of our candidate, you will find earnest proposals for making laws at the parliament which are of most importance and betterment of the future.
Economic and social difficulties we are facing today can be presented legally in parliament and thus I would like to inform you that vote in favour of candidate from NDP without any confusion to be able to address the challenges Myanmar is facing.
I wish you great health and prosperity.

Translated by TMT

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