Nearly 17,000 Myanmar citizens abroad cast advance votes in weekend

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Myanmar citizens in India cast advance votes at the Myanmar Embassy in New Delhi on 11 October 2020. Photo : MNA

A total of 16,977 Myanmar nationals abroad cast advance votes at the Myanmar embassies, missions, consulate-general offices and extra polling stations of respective countries during this weekend. On Saturday, a total of 8,335 cast votes at 27 Myanmar embassies, two missions, two consulate-general offices and four extra polling stations, and 8,642 Myanmar citizens voted at the 23 Myanmar embassies, one mission, three consulate-general offices and three extra polling stations yesterday. Fifty-seven Myanmar nationals cast votes at the Myanmar Embassy in Berlin, 18 in Ottawa, 21 in Oslo, 35 in Rome, 38 in Vienna, 126 in Washington, 246 in London and 3 in Cairo, 46 at the Myanmar Permanent Mission in Geneva, 157 in New York, 183 in Los Angeles and 14 in Paris on Saturday.
At the polling stations opened yesterday, 10 Myanmar nationals voted at the Myanmar Embassy in Belgrade, 62 in Kuwait and 29 in Colombo, and 10 at the Consulate-General Office in Kolkata. Myanmar embassies in Brussels of Belgium and Washington of the United States also started opening polling stations, and an extra polling station was also opened in Fort Wayne of Indiana. Those who cannot come to the Myanmar embassies and consulate-general offices cast votes at the extra polling stations — 41 voted in Ho Chi Minh, 491 in Nagoya and 254 in Macao.
Some 3,000 Myanmar nationals cast votes at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok yesterday, 92 in Beijing, 43 in Canberra, 16 In Jakarta, 972 in Kuala Lumpur, 141 in Moscow, 30 in New Delhi, 113 in Phnom Penh, 24 in Rome, 1,114 in Seoul, 1,800 in Singapore, 154 in Tokyo and 20 Vientiane, and 226 at the Myanmar Consulate-General Office in Chiang Mai.  Myanmar citizens, abiding by the COVID-19 rules of the respective countries, cast advance votes.—MNA  (Translated by KZT)

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