New Society Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

New Society Party Chairman U Zay Ya presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 26 September.

Esteemed voters and people
May you all be blessed with good health and peace of mind. I am Chairman U Zay Ya of the New Society Party.
Allow me to offer a brief history of our party. The leaders of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions set three paths to continue the unfinished struggle for democracy after the 8888 Uprising.
According to the three paths, the New Society Party was formed on 14 October 1988 with central executive committee members from ABFSU, student union leaders and other student leaders of the 8888 Uprising from different regions to participate in national politics widely.
We represented the student demographic of the 8888 movement and stood as the second biggest political party due to various political factors from 1988-1990.
In 1991, some of our party members fled to the Thai-Myanmar border as military intelligence began arresting and torturing them.
On 6 December of the same year, the Multiparty Democracy General Election Commission disbanded the New Society Party.
Our party leaders gathered the rest of the party members and their supporters to continue party matters and pursue democracy and human rights affairs.
We had to officially stand as the New Society Party, NSP in short, as a political party due to current political requirements. After much tribulation, we succeeded in securing our original flag from 1988 for our party on 3 June 2015.

Esteemed voters and people
Objectives of the NSP are as follows:
1. Democratization for the benefit of the people
2. Emerging of a broader democracy alliance representing all strata of the people
3. For emergence of a strong constitution based on a democratic system
4. Internal peace and
5. Striving to achieve national reconciliation which is closely linked to amendment of constitution.
We will work for the emergence of the opposition via the democratic system within and outside the Hluttaw and establishing democracy, human rights and democratic federal union.
Legislative, executive, judicial
The Hluttaw is formed in line with existing laws and the will of the people. Thus, we shall implement sovereignty in line with the following policies in the Hluttaw.
1. The legislative, executive and judicial branches must not interfere in each other’s work but keep check and balance on one another.
2. Enacting, amending or repealing laws will be conducted with freedom, fairness and equality.
3. The national administrative mechanism will not oppress the people but safeguard and fulfil their interests while implementing good governance.
4. There will be equality before the law with no religion, gender or racial discrimination.
5. The judicial branch will be in line with democracy and human rights and stand freely on the same level as the legislative and executive branches. The Supreme Court will be allowed to manage the courts under its supervision freely. Court trials will be conducted transparently before the public.
6. We will support independent institutions that will keep the government administrative mechanism in check — for example, the Constitutional Tribunal, an independent election commission, human rights commission and anti-corruption commission.
7. Civil society organizations will be allowed to express themselves and gather support freely.

Esteemed voters and people
1. We will implement free and active foreign policies for international relations.
2. We are currently facing the spread of COVID-19, trade wars between superpowers, and the worsening relations of the South China Sea in this geopolitical new normal. This calls for an active and unbiased foreign policy. We will employ innovative thoughts, a comprehensive strategy, and methods to collect the necessary resources to face the new normal in geopolitics.

National defence
1. The defence services, which are born from the people of the nation and serve to protect them, needs to be reliable, free of politics, and respected and loved by the people.
2. We must build military and civilian relations to work on peace, challenges, democratic development, the epidemic, climate change and natural disasters together.
3. The national defence force must be prepared to deal with abnormal threats which involve terrorism, climate and natural disasters, illegal drugs, transnational crime and spread of diseases.

Economic objectives
1. The main objective of the Union Government is to create better lives for the people. This will require economic and physical development in addition to mental and ethical development, no discrimination between wealth and gender, equal development between rural and urban regions, and social security.
2. We will implement a free market-based economy. Myanmar was under a military regime in the not so distant past that gave rise to conflict-based cronyism. The market was monopolized by a few and was left in disarray without free competition. There are still no laws to strengthen the market correctly. We must reinvigorate this market.
3. We will persuade cronies to become entrepreneurs and establish a united force that drives domestic product manufacturing. We will also promote industrial zones and ensure labour disputes are handled in line with the law.
4. We will provide the best support and assistance to farmers for the agricultural systems.

1. We will continue the unfinished establishment of the nation and its integrity. We will use political methods to end the civil war that has gone on for over 70 years. We will swiftly implement internal peace, amending the 2008 Constitution and national reconciliation.
2. We believe we must build daily peace in the everyday lives of all citizens.
3. Uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources has contributed to pollution, destruction of ecosystems and climate change. We will implement action plans to remedy this and establish funding for natural disasters and calamities.
In conclusion, peace, amending the 2008 Constitution and national reconciliation are linked and must be carried out. The current political situation has made politics, economy, society, education, healthcare, and other sectors deteriorate.
We pledge to work closely with our ethnic brothers and sisters, democratic forces and the entire population to implement democracy, peace, amending the 2008 Constitution, organizing free and fair elections, national reconciliation, equality and self-determination, and emergence of a Democratic Federal union so that the people can be quickly freed from the hardships plaguing them for so long.
We respectfully request voters to cast their ballots for the New Society Party so that we can endeavour for the benefit of the public in the Hluttaw.
Democracy must prevail.
Human rights must prevail.
A Democratic Federal Union must be established.
Vote for the New Society Party to improve society!
Thank you.

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