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NLD Patron calls for efforts at peace conference to create a secure society for all

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A safe and secure society is also a prosperous one, an NLD official said in his welcoming speech to the Union Peace Conference- 21st Century Panglong in Nay Pyi Taw on 31 August.
U Tin Oo, Patron of the National League for Democracy, said the purpose of organising the peace conference was to restore peace and order so the country can be rebuilt as a free, just, developed nation.
“It is high time that the people of Myanmar enjoyed a better quality of life,” U Tin Oo said, urging the delegates from different groups to enter their discussions at this meeting with honesty, righteousness, mutual respect, love and sympathy. Collectively, he said, they can create a safe and secure society for the citizens of Myanmar.
“The people living in the conflict areas have had bitter encounters since independence,” he said, describing the loss of trust among the national brethren as one of the most damaging results. “The establishment of the country as a federal republic is impossible in the absence of mutual understanding and trust,” he pointed out.
U Tin Oo stressed the need for strong legal protection for human rights and equality to maintain and enhance mutual trust. The rise of federalism will enable the people of all states and regions to enjoy peace, harmony and rule of law, he said.
“A single gunshot not only takes a human life, but it also deprives a society of its rule of law, peace and development,” the patron said, calling for a ceasefire to end the social degradation of the entire population.
He also called for the transformation from fierce fighting to heated negotiation at the peace conference. The search for a resolution to the disagreements is through coordination and persistence, he said.
U Tin Oo considered the 21st Century Panglong Conference to be a crucial political opportunity for the leaders of the ethnic groups to renew their efforts in nation building, describing the unity among political and social leaders in the restoration of peace as “undeniable.”
He pointed out the need for more prosperous regions to help the less-developed ones to ensure equitable development, which he described as the essence of federalism.
He also pointed out the need to foster the next generation of leaders to save the country from the trouble of longing for a hero, quoting Andrea’s words in the play of “Life of Galileo” by the German dramatist Bertolt Brecht: “Pity the country that breeds no hero.”
Galileo’s response to Andrea, according to U Tin Oo: “No, Andrea. Pity the country that needs a hero.”

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