Only regular demand of mung bean, pigeon pea seen in market

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Pigeon pea prices decline in the market due to fresh supplies. Photo: Supplied

Mung beans and pigeon peas are only on a regular demand as there is a glut in the market, resulting in price stability.
In early May, the Indian government released an official statement allowing an import quota of 150,000 tons each of mung beans and green grams and 200,000 tons of pigeon peas. Myanmar resumed its export to India starting from the first week of June. At that time, prices were high due to high demand from Pakistan, Nepal and Dubai.
In early June, mung bean fetched Ks505,000 per ton, while pigeon pea got Ks500,000 per ton. At present, with a glut of pulses in the market, mung bean is worth around Ks425,000 per ton, while the price of pigeon peas is Ks485,000 per ton.
“India put a regular demand on pulses from Myanmar. However, as the supply is high, the price remained low. With widespread flooding in Myanmar, the prices of pulses has increased a bit”, said U Min Ko Oo, secretary of Myanmar Pulses, Beans and Sesame Merchants Association.
Currently, there is a regular demand from India, Pakistan and Dubai. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh also purchased small volume.
Out of India’s quota of 150,000 tons of mung beans and 200,000 tons of pigeon peas, it purchased about 90,000 tons of mung beans from Myanmar in June and July, while about 60,000 tons of pigeon peas were also bought in the two months.
“A certain quantity of bean stock might be left beyond after reaching India’s quota”, said U Min Ko Oo.
Myanmar constitutes 70 per cent of India’s mung bean import and so, there is no market competition for it. Nevertheless, Myanmar got market shares of only 30 per cent for pigeon peas. That makes pigeon pea market uncertaint. This being so, the commerce ministry has already informed growers not to grow pigeon peas in the coming pulses season.
India’s demand will not affect Myanmar’s green gram as it has the markets of China and other foreign countries. The prevailing price of green grams is Ks1.2 million per ton, remaining on the high side.
Various pulses which have foreign markets are also getting a good price.

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