Over 1,500 YBS buses to get e-ticketing machines in initial phase of e-payment project

over 1,500 buses will get e-ticketing machines in the initial stage of the YBS e-payment project, according to Asia Starmar Transport Intelligent Co Ltd, the tender winner for the YBS card system.

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YBS staff install e-ticket machine using smart card with the card payment system.  hoto: Phoe Khwar

“At first, e-ticketing machines will be installed on 1,500 YBS buses. Shortly thereafter, more buses will get the machines,” said Daw Ni Ni Khin from Asia Starmar Transport Intelligent Co Ltd.
The Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) is planning to launch the prepaid card payment system on YBS buses in October, as a cashless payment system will be more convenient and secure for passengers.
“The YBS e-ticket system will be the first priority for the YRTA this year. At present, we are studying the routes to set a fair price,” according to the YRTA.
“The electronic ticketing system is complex, and it will take some time to implement as legal, financial, and technical matters are involved. The Asia Starmar Transport Intelligent Co. Ltd is implementing the e-ticketing system for YBS bus lines,” according to the transport authority.
“We are carefully and systematically observing the bus lines to achieve a balance for both commuters and bus lines. The company is preparing to install the machines. We are still discussing which bus route and bus line we should start,” said U Hla Aung, the Joint Secretary of the YRTA.
Under the e-ticket system, the cost of the trip will depend on how far a passenger travels, and the related experts are working out the fares.
“The bus fare will depend on the distance travelled. Two machines will be installed on each bus near the front and rear doors. When passengers get on the bus, they will pass both machines which will record information about the time when they boarded the bus and cut the bus fare depending on the travel distance. Experts are working on this,” said U Hla Aung.
“At the preliminary stage of the e-payment project, cash boxes will be continued for some time, in case passengers face difficulties using e-tickets. Most commuters will not be used to it at first and may face some issues. The YRTA is working to make sure passengers can get tickets easily,” he added. — Myint Maung Soe

(Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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