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Ox carts valued as Myanmar’s traditional cultural heritage

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As a Myanmar proverb says: “Traditional culture cannot be lost as long as carts and boats are not lost”, carts and boats are extensively being used in Myanmar’s society till today. Carts have been used as two-wheeled vehicles since ancient times. Some carts can be pulled by animals such as cows and horses, and some can be pulled or pushed by people.
In the past, ox carts were recognized as a means of transport in villages and were essential in agriculture, trade and various ceremonies. Given the fact that ox carts were used as gifts in wedding ceremonies, it is obvious how much Myanmar people in rural areas value them.
Despite the substantial use of carts, they are not made by common people but by professional carts carpenters as a systematic method of making them are crucial. It is defined as a good cart only if it can provide relief for the oxen that have to pull the cart and the cart is fit in proportion to its weight. As a matter of fact, ox carts, which have been valued as a cultural heritage since the time of our ancestors, can still be found in rural areas in Myanmar.—Zeya Htet (Minbu)/GNLM

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