Passenger slashes driver’s neck, drives away taxi in Kyauktan

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Police inspect the looted taxi four furlongs far from the scene of the crime.  Photo: Aung Swe (Shwe Tada)

A passenger slashed a throat of a taxi driver on the road between Kyauktan and Tada towns, Kyauktan Township, Yangon Region, on 16 October, and drove away the car.
While the police from Kyauktan police station arrived at the scene, they found the taxi driver falling down beside the road. The police sent him to the Kyauktan general hospital, which referred him to the Yangon General Hospital.
The taxi driver was identified as Zaw Moe Aung, 40, who lives in North Okkalapa Township. He has a deep cut in his throat, bleeding. However, the police said his injuries were not life-threatening.
The taxi driver provided police with a description of the suspect as a man in a dark complexion, wearing a grey sleeveless shirt and longyi with a knapsack on his back. He allegedly hired the taxi from Shukhinthar road, Tharkayta Township, having agreed to pay Ks 23,000 to and from a place near Pilarkat pagoda, Kyauktan township.
Upon arrival at the scene of thee crime, the passenger asked the taxi driver to stop and slit the taxi driver in the neck. The passenger drove away the taxi while the taxi driver tried to get out of the car. The drive shouted for help and the locals around there informed the Kyauktan police station of this incident.
The police will take legal action against the suspect under section 392 of the Penal Code. The police are searching the suspect who is believed to have managed to escape from the scene.
On 17 October, the looted taxi was found at a place four furlongs far from the scene of the crime.


Aung Swe (Shwe Tada)

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