Peace is the way

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It is absolutely clear that sustainable development is the pet term of every government across the world, just as people dream of a decent quality of life. Simply defined, sustainable development is a stage in which the needs of the present generation are met but with no sacrifice of the ability of the future generations to satisfy their own needs when their times come.
In a very real sense, development is critical to human life. This highlights the need for forces that will drive the continuous evolution of economy and society where justice and equity prevail from generation to generation. To ensure sustainable development, policy makers should pay undivided attention to the distribution of social and economic benefits to the people from all walks of life.
The onus is on all the decision makers to examine and tackle the root cause of growing inequality and poverty, which have the potential to present a huge challenge to social, political and economic institutions. What matters most in building a more harmonious society is to root out inequality of opportunity.
Now is the time for our country to find some common ground on the question of sustainable development by formulating policies that foster an effective administrative system. No other time in history is as crucial for the people of our country to stand united and live in harmony as today, especially at a time when the peace talks are ongoing. All the stakeholders engaged in the peace process should be aware of what Mahatma Gandhi once said. “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”

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