People raise voices over continuous negotiations and peaceful schooling

Protesters holding placards that read “We support President’s action for stability of the State.”, “No hindrance to exams”.—mna
Protesters holding placards that read “We support President’s action for stability of the State.”, “No hindrance to exams”.—MNA

Yangon, 15 Feb — Students in Yangon on Sunday staged a demonstration in support of student protesters bound to Yangon, officials report.
The students gathered at the Thamaing junction at noon and walked to the Myenigone traffic light, with police urging them to seek permission from the police stations of townships they went past.
“We haven’t got a full guarantee despite progress in negotiations,” said Aung San Hmaing, a member of the Leading Committee for Democratic Education Movement, who took part in the march.
The protest drew around 250 students and the demonstrators dispersed at 2.30pm.
Another protest took place in a township here the same day, with demonstrators carrying placards that read “No closure of factories due to disruption”, “We prefer stability and peace”, “No hindrance to exams”, and “Solution through negotiation”. There were about 120 people in the protest in support of the four-party talks.
The four parties include the government, the parliament, the National Network for Education Reform and the Leading Committee for Democratic Education Movement. They reached agreement in their third meeting held in Yangon on Saturday. According to the agreement, the education bill will be submitted to the parliament for approval on 16 February.
Despite the agreement, student protesters are en route to Yangon instead of calling off their strike. The continuing student demonstration is of great concern to people, parents and students who prefer peaceful schooling.
Tamwe, a township in Yangon, also saw a mass demonstration that voiced its preference to peaceful learning. People, parents and students participated in the protest.
“The exam is drawing near. I can’t let this student strike hinder their education,” a participant said.
A student from Dagon University said he wanted the demonstration come to an immediate halt, adding “I don’t want it to distract matric students from the exam.”
The mass demonstration in Tamwe attracted 1,600 people.—GNLM

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