President U Htin Kyaw sends Workers’ Day message

The following is an unofficial translation of the Message of Greetings sent by President U Htin Kyaw on the occasion of Workers’ Day which falls on 1st May 2017

DSC 3602 72Dear Respected Workers,
On International Workers’ Day which falls on 1st May 2017, I wish to send this Message of Greetings and good wishes not only to all the workers of Myanmar but also to all Myanmar workers in all the countries of the world for their health and happiness.
Today our Government has reformed the administrative style and procedures and has worked for all round development and as workers play a vital role in national progress and development; we are working in cooperation with employers, workers and various allied organizations being a government based on social justice in workers affairs.
National development and good labor relations in the workplace are interdependent. That is why we need to work to ensure that service contracts are signed when workers are employed in factories and work places, employer/employee associations are formed in accordance with the respective laws, and that the occurrence of workers disputes are reduced.  Our production will increase and we will reach our goal of socio-economic development only if we have good employer-employee relations, mutual respect and trust and work in unity. That is why we are now conducting National Level Tripartite Meetings comprising the Union Government, workers and employers on an accelerated basis.

Dear respected workers,
For the labour laws to be in conformity with international and regional standards, we have sought the advice of ILO – International Labour Organization and local/foreign experts during the process of reviewing and amending the current laws. In addition, as we do not have laws for safety and health in the workplace, foreign workers law, we are working for the codification and legislation of these new laws
The Union Government has established Labour Exchange Offices for registration of workers and assisting them to get access to employers; for those in remote places, Mobile Teams are conducting field visits and assisting them. Furthermore, we have organized job fairs in consultation with employers to help workers get employment.
To help solve problems of migrant workers, we have opened “Myanmar Migrant Workers’ Reporting Counters” at the Yangon International Airport and we are trying to protect and help to the best of our ability. In addition “Migrant Resource Centers – MRC” have been opened in States and Regions and work is being done to ensure the safety of migrant workers. Not only that, Labour Attaches have been appointed to work in Republic of Korea, Thailand and Malaysia and they are assisting and solving problems for Myanmar workers working in those countries.
On the other hand, we have been conducting national level skills testing and issuing certificates; for upgrading the professional level of workers and enhancing their competitiveness within the ASEAN region, we have also opened on-the-job training courses.

Dear respected workers,
As we have been implementing the Myanmar Program on Elimination of Child Labour – MY-PEC from 2014 to 2017 as a Four Year Program, we were able to issue a detailed report on 10 February 2017 based on the analysis of the labour force and child labour entry of children into the labour force after leaving school.
In accordance with the Social Security Law, to give social security protection to workers, six types of insurance schemes have been established. Out of this, three insurance schemes are being implemented and a Social Security Program to provide social protection and health care is being implemented.
To ensure that workers are getting their rights in the workplaces, qualified inspectors are working all over the country to educate employers and workers and also taking legal action when necessary.
In accordance with the amended Labor Organization Law, we now have Labor Organizations which have been formed freely by workers themselves by drawing up their own constitutions and work programs, with full freedom of operation. The organizations have been formed for the benefit their own organization, own community of workers and for members’ benefit. It is necessary to note carefully that these organizations have been formed not for personal benefit or for taking political advantage.

Dear respected workers,
In working for the development of a country with the labor of workers, just as the force of workers is vital, we cannot deny the fact that we cannot do without employers who are partners and who provide jobs. I need hardly emphasize that the harmonious effort of these two partners will bring forth national development. That is why as I send this message of greetings, I urge you strongly to work in unison with equal force for national development by taking the example of other countries where workers and employers are working in unity and cooperation.

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