President U Htin Kyaw’s New Year Day Message of Greetings

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President U Htin Kyaw.

My dear citizens,
On this auspicious Myanmar traditional New Year Day I send these greetings and good wishes for your peace of mind and good health to all of you who have lived in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, as well as all Myanmar citizens living in far off countries for various reasons.
Every time we pass over to a New Year, it is customary for us to reflect upon the past year as we need to build up our renewed energy and strength and formulate plans for the tasks to be implemented for the journey ahead of us.
For our new Government which has been in power for over one year, along our journey, just as we have had successes, we will have to overcome challenges as we continue meeting them.
As we work for a Constitution that leads towards the emergence of a Democratic Federal Union, National Reconciliation, and Internal Peace, as the work is of a very delicate and sensitive nature, we have to work with extra care and focused attention in every aspect of the work.
While the Union Government is striving hard for Peace, we have received Thousands of Millions of Kyats from the people who have contributed with “cetana” for the Peace Process. This gives us encouragement for our onward journey. The donations of the people show how much they hunger for peace, how much they want a life of peace, and how much they have faith in and depend upon the leadership role being taken by the State Counsellor to seek solutions for the peace process by discussing and negotiating with many mass organizations and civil society associations.  That is why I hope that during this year we will get good results for the people.
As we work for the development of the socio-economic life of the people, we can see that we have received significantly more and more help, cash donations, and technical assistance from other governments and international organizations who wish to help us. In addition, because of our Government’s Economic Policy and new Foreign Investment Law, it is hoped that more investments will come in from foreign investors.
We do not need to stress this enough, especially, when we are implementing a project with government funds or external loans. We need to conduct a feasibility study. That is very important.
Depending upon the size and nature, such a feasibility study may take months or even years in some cases. We have to begin implementation of the project based on the feasibility study.
That is why, just as we have projects which can be implemented within one year, there are projects which might take years. That is why it is difficult to see the benefits of the new projects within a year.
If we have not taken adequate time for study, we may get more bad results than benefits. There can be loss of public funds and it can become a huge burden on the Union government.
Just to give one example, the Fourth Regular Session of the Second Pyidaungsu Hluttaw decided to terminate five projects and suspend 28 projects during the month of March.
That is why, I wish say with extreme seriousness that I thank all the people, who have given us their understanding and trust as they struggle and face many hardships.  To summarize this situation, our Union Government has the understanding and acceptance of the people. You can see that we are continuing in our efforts to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people.
If we study current world affairs, we can see that people are encountering and feeling the transitional effects of policy changes as well as orientation changes. Although Myanmar is striving to walk on transitional path towards democracy, we may say that we have now reached a situation where we can feel the best hope and encouragement. Because of the fact that a Democratic Federal Union is the only solution for national reconciliation and peace, I believe that if we all are able to walk on this path in unity, in weal or woe, hand in hand, we are sure to reach successfully before long, the goal which all our people have been hoping for, no matter how hard this journey towards peace may be.
In our Union, inhabited by more than a hundred national ethnic races, we need to strive to create strength from diversity. We need to nurture good practices of federalism imbued with the teachings of a peaceful religion, a character of virtue and honesty and a spirit of accommodation and civility. Federalism is the building of unified strength from diversity in an accommodating manner.
As 2017 has been envisioned as “the Year of Peace”, we hope that we would be able to bring forth joyful and good results. In accordance with the changed economic environment, we hope that we will get visible and tangible economic progress.
Together with our People, who have been waiting with patience and tolerance, we will strive for tremendous improvements. I wish to make this solemn appeal to the people to continue participating and cooperating with us, without letting go the hands of cooperation.
In this auspicious New Year, I send these Greetings of good wishes for the good health of all citizens and pray that all their positive wishes will find fulfillment.

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