President urges Three Pillars of Democracy in Ayeyawady Region to work together for reforms, democratic transition

President U Win Myint meeting with officials from the judiciary, executive and legislative sectors in Ayeyawady Region in Pathein yesterday. Photo: MNA
President U Win Myint meeting with officials from the judiciary, executive and legislative sectors in Ayeyawady Region in Pathein yesterday. Photo: MNA

President U Win Myint met and gave guidelines to officials from Ayeyawady Region government, Region Hluttaw and Region High Court; Hluttaw (Pyithu, Amyotha, Region) representatives; Region, district and township department officials at Pathein hall, Ayeyawady Region yesterday morning.
Speaking at the meeting President U Win Myint first explained about the aim of visiting Ayeyawady Region. Recalling the speech he delivered at the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw after swearing in as President, the President said that the essence of that speech was the importance of changing the established rigid mindset and habits of the people, government servants and public servants for a successful transformation process in the democracy transition period. Departmental organizations that are slow in reforming are to be given tighter management. The judicial sector needs to be true and correct. Corruption needs to be just and correct. Human rights violations are to be prevented. Drugs are to be eliminated. Wastage and loss of public funds are to be managed. Farmlands confiscated unlawfully need to be returned or compensation paid in accordance to the law.
All need to work together when changing and transforming from an old system of an old era to a new system of a new era in our country. This transformation is the desire of the people and all have the duty to fulfill this desire of the people. Some may waver, hesitate and feel uneasy about reform. Transforming or reforming is not to be worried about it. Without flowing along the transformation path, our country will not develop. Reform is something that must be done. This is the law of nature. Reform or change is the law of nature that is always correct and true. Reform or change is not an enemy. It is a friend.
Reform or change is something that is not to be forced upon but something that must be done. When conducting reforms, lessons from the past were obtained and policies to establish a future union were established. The aim of the policies is the establishment of a democratic federal union. We have a firm stand and belief. Policies on legislation, administration and judiciaries were formulated.
The administration must have political, economic and social fairness. Similarly arrangements must be made so that there are equal opportunities, no discrimination and all are equal in the face of law. As the arrangements are made thus, the Region Governments must implement the policies, work processes and guidelines of the Union Government. They also need to perform occasional duties assigned by the Union Government as well.
In addition to this it has the duty to instruct, manage, control and inspect the departmental organizations in the Region. The administrative system need to support the rule of law. It must not be administrative machinery that oppresses the citizens. It must be an administration that provides services to the people.
It must be a fair an unbiased administration. Democracy is strengthened by being fair. Fairness strengthened society.
The Judiciary sector need to do things according to the law. The judiciary must follow the Union Judiciary Law and must be bias free. All need to be equal in the face of the law. The Judiciary needs to be free from the influence and manipulation of those who have powers and rights. Region High Court judges are to inspect detention centres in police stations and courts and prisons to ensure that there are no human rights violations and the judiciary is free from corruption.
Works are being done with the aim of establishing a democratic federal union. Balanced development of all regions and states had to be done with the aim of establishing a peaceful union.
Public servants enjoy the salary and benefits provided by the Government budget. They have their rights and responsibilities. They are to properly enjoy the benefits, while performing the duties assigned for the public.
We are all performing the historical duties that fell on us and future generations will be judging us to determine how we performed so all need to do their best, said the President.
Next, Region Chief Minister U Hla Moe Aung, Region Hluttaw Speaker U Aung Kyaw Khaing and Region Chief Judge U Than Tun explained about regional development works conducted by the Shan State government, Hluttaw affairs work and judicial work respectively.
President U Win Myint then said the judiciary sector needs to provide rulings in a timely manner as well as in accordance with the law and everyone in the court must be treated equally. In addition to providing rulings in a timely manner and in accordance with the law, judges must also inspect police detention centres and prison cells to ensure that they are in accord with human rights norms and standards. Human rights are something that is not given by someone. It is the birth right of everyone. No one must be penalized without strong evidences. Evidences must be properly assessed.
Questions raised and motions tabled in the legislative sector must be in accord with the State/Region Hluttaw laws and rules. Pledges in Hluttaw must be given only when the Region Government is able to perform it. Hluttaw affairs committees are to access and review and then coordinate with relevant parties on submissions, complaints and appeals made. The region Hluttaw building also need to be constructed quickly, said the President.
Monthly reports submitted to the Union Government by the Region government on the administrative sector must be sector wise. Relevant authorities must ensure that unrelated matters are not included in the auctioning of fish ponds. Wards and villages in Ayeyawady Region where administrators have not yet been elected yet need to be elected quickly according to the ward and village administrator election law. Review must be conducted as general income from auctions decline by half compared to last year. Confiscated farm land matters must be handled in accordance with the policies set by the Union Government. All officials are to perform their assigned duties and responsibilities in the best interest of the country and the people, said the President.
After the meeting the President cordially greeted the meeting attendees and inspected the Pathein-Chaungtha-Shwe Thaungyan road status by car and resteds for the night in Shwe Thaungyan. — MNA

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