Prioritizing safe destinations, services a must to facilitate tourism recovery

While our country’s tourism sector is facing challenges from COVID-19, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is taking a bold step forward by launching day trip flights to Ngapali, the popular beach in Rakhine State, to Bagan and caravan tours in line with the COVID-19 health guidelines.
The action comes after the resumption of domestic flights on 16 December, and operation of Non Landing Sightseeing Flight and River Cruise to turn the tide of this downturn in tourism.
Making the best use of the country’s tourism resources, the ministry is taking measures to launch rural tourism tours to villages around Nay Pyi Taw.
It is worth noting that the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is closely working together with ministries concerned to bring about systematic recovery of the tourism sector.
The Myanmar Tourism Strategic Recovery Roadmap (MTSRR) (2021-2025) will be announced at the coming meeting of the national-level central committee on tourism development.
Every effort we make reflects that the ministry has given priority to destinations and services that would be safe for travellers. Hence, with safe and responsible COVID-19 services, we must send out the message that our country is safe.
Beyond the immediate pain of the pandemic, we must seize every opportunity possible to make full use of the pandemic.
To make the tourism sector a sustainable engine for economic growth and development, we must work to develop heritage and cultural tourism, nature based and eco tourism, agriculture and farming tourism, coastal inland water tourism, river and rail tourism, adventure and sports tourism, coastal inland water tourism, river and rail tourism, adventure and sports tourism, gastronomy tourism, caravan tourism and urban tourism in cooperation with all stake holders of the industry including the Myanmar Tourism Federation and its affiliated associations.
Typically, the tourism sector is among the first to be affected, and the last to recover during a health crisis.
Despite facing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, we should not miss opportunities offered by the pandemic.
Ensuring safe, responsible behavior and discovering new natural destinations is a shared responsibility between visitors, residents, business owners, employees and local governments.

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