PTTEP donates $100,000 to Alliance for Smiles for treatment of children with cleft lips and palates

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General manager of PTTEP Myanmar Mr.Piya Sukhumpanumet delivers the opening speech at the MoU Singing Ceremony between PTTEP and Alliance for Smiles. Photo: MNA

Alliance For Smile said that a child is born with claft lip and palate every three minutes worldwide. This American organization has been providing free treatment and surgery to children and adults with such conditions around the world.
On their 30th anniversary of operation in Myanmar, PTTEP donated $100,000 to Alliance For Smile. It was reported that the money will be used to provide surgery to 100 Myanmar children with that condition.
Ms. Tina Faschin said that the reason for this occurrence is that at the early stage of pregnancy, the baby is unable to close its mouth from opening mouth position, and that this act of charity will do much good to families and communities of children with such condition”.
She added that even though the cause of the condition is still unknown, it is already know that genes, mother’s medication and lack of nutrition, harmful substance from surroundings are responsible for the anomaly in the development of fetus.
Mr.Piya Sukhumpanumet, General manager of PTTEP Myanmar said that children with such condition face challenges over eating, living , articulation and appearance, and that it triggers psychological weakness such as lack of self respect and confidence.
She went on to say that the surgery can heal such condition, and that they are delighted to help children gain physical benefits they deserve and confident smile.
Then, the official signed the memorandum of understanding.
General manager of PTTEP asset Myanmar, Mr. Piya Sukhumpanumet , President and director of Alliance For Smile Karl Wustrack and Ms .Tina Fischins, invited guests and Media attended the event.—MNA (Translated by Alphonsus)

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