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U Htay Aung, Chairman of Public Contribute Students Democracy Party.
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U Htay Aung alias U Htay Hlaing, Vice Chairman of Public Contribute Students Democracy Party, presented policies, attitudes and programmes of his party on 17 February 2017, on radio and TV programmes. The translation of his presentation is given below:
Esteemed voters,
I wish all of you health and happiness. I am Vice Chairman U Htay Aung alias U Htay Hlaing of Public Contribute Students Democracy Party.
Esteemed voters,
Our party was formed on 28 April 2015. Let me present the background history of our party. Members of our party are the seasoned ones active in 1988 uprising. In accord with the Party Registration Law of 2010, they took responsibilities other parties but now they, students and people, are reorganized to form a unified party. As members of our party, people and students have also experienced a single party system, we know the feelings and emotions of the people. So, we vow to serve the interests of the people.
We are the ones who believe in the 2008 constitution, which allowed pursuit of multiparty democracy system. Therefore, we have established Public Contribute Students Democracy Party to serve the interests of the people.
As our party is formed with people and students, the logo of the party portrays a fighting peacock surrounded by 14 white stars representing the 14 states.
Normally, the colour of the fighting peacock is red, but our party’s fighting peacock is white. It means good faith and being clean. In the past students had fought against the oppressive rule of foreigners with the spirit of peacock that has a nature of repulsing the enemy with perseverance, fortitude and daring spirit. According to the situation of this age, all our brothers born in the Union are engaged in the executive, legislative and judicial affairs of the country. Thus we will contribute and cooperate with them in accord with our party’s cleanliness.
Esteemed voters,
We support the following activities:
We support the cooperation among government, Hluttaw, Tatmadaw, political parties and the people.
We welcome and support the meeting for national reconciliation which is the national cause.
We support the request of all political parties to participate in the 21st century Panglong Conference to meet its success for national reconciliation.
Esteemed voters,
The objective of our party is for genuine democracy to flourish in a well-disciplined manner.
The policies of our party is as follows:
Our party believes in a political system which practices multiparty democracy system.
Within and without our party, we respect the fulfilment of the wish of the majority and acknowledge the desire of the minority.
Our party always upholds and prioritize the national cause.
Our party will treat all the parties based on equality.
Our party will cooperate with other parties whose objectives and attitudes are common with us.
We will compete with other parties with political goodwill.
Esteemed voters,
Our party believes in the constitution. As national cause is the priority our country of today is enjoying the essence of the 2008 constitution. In accord with the constitution, the three Hlutaws namely Pyithu Hluttaw, Amyotha Hluttaw and Pyidaungsu Hluttaw have been formed. A government led by the president emerged and it has taken responsibilities of the State through practicing democracy.
Similarly, region and state Hluttaws have emerged and the governments led by prime ministers and ministers have managed the administration based on federal system. Hluttaws make laws and executive bodies are running the routines in accord with the laws. It is safe to say that activities accomplished by region and state Hluttaws are the results of the 2008 constitution based on the federal system. Our party welcomes it.
Our party totally condemns the acts of fighting among national brethren sowing discords among them in the time of upholding the national cause of 135 groups of nationalities. Our party is the party which accepts the cause of the 135 nationalities as our party’s cause. Today’s situations show that the Tatmadaw, sacrificing the lives and limbs, is protecting the country for perpetuation of the sovereignty and national integrity. Our party always accepts the fact that the Tatmadaw is for the country and the people are the strength of the Tatmadaw. If there may be harmful effects on one of the 135 nationalities, our party will prevent this together with the people for non-disintegration of the national solidarity.
Esteemed voters,
Our party will contest the bye election to be held on 1 April 2017. We want to serve the people hands held together with the existing winning party. We wish to emphasize political activities in Hluttaw more than outside political activities. In this way, we can serve the people with might and main, and we want to contribute to the Hluttaw which is carrying out its works randomly. We hope wishfully the assignment to be given by the people.
Esteemed voters,
We would like to request you to seal on our untainted white peacock of good faith and cleanliness which is the symbol of our Public Contribute Students Democracy Party. Our party’s little white peacock is waiting for the duty to be assigned by people with simple heart.
I would like to conclude my speech by saying “Support the white peacock” by putting a seal on it without hesitation.
May all of you health and happiness.
(Unofficial Translation)

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