Public of Labour Party presents policy, stance and work programme

Chairman U Kyaw Zin of Public of Labour Party.
Chairman U Kyaw Zin of Public of Labour Party.
Public of Labour Party Logo
Public of Labour Party Logo

Chairman U Kyaw Zin of Public of Labour Party presented the party’s policy, stance and work programme on radio and TV on 24 September.
Following is a translation of the presentation:
Greetings and well wishes to all voters and may all be healthy and prosperous!
I am U Kyaw Zin, Chairman of Public of Labour Party. The party will stand for the 2018 by election in four constituencies. For the Pyithu Hluttaw seats, our party will stand for Tamway Township constituency 1 in Yangon Region, and Myingyan Township constituency in Mandalay Region. The party will stand for Seikkan Township constituency, Yangon Region, and Ottwin Township constituency, Bago Region for the Regional Hluttaws.
The Union Election Commission has granted party registration on September 9, 2017, and it has been one year since the party was formed. During this period, the party provided assistance as much as we can to those who suffered. Later, we opened many party branch offices across the country. We are also determined to stand with the people and to render help to them as best we can.
First and foremost, I would like to explain the purpose of the founding of our party. Out of national politics and political parties, we have chosen to establish a political party aiming to get official rights to work for the benefit of the people with the collective strength of an organization. Let me explain the fundamental principles of our Public of Labour Party. Ever since the party was formed, the aim was to achieve equal rights of the citizens, achieving the rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and achieving the citizens’ fundamental rights, as included in the Constitution.
The basic principle of the party is to prioritize in national education and national health sector. Only when the nationals in the Myanmar are healthy, can they work for the country. For the youths to be healthy, they must be free from drugs and take appropriate physical exercises. Only then can they become a future generation that the country can rely on. When conducting national education sector, we will not be satisfied with eradicating illiteracy and will strive toward an education system that provide free compulsory high school education. For our education system to be on par with the world, we will prioritize to work with experts and learned persons.
To create employment opportunities for citizens in the country, we will amend the basic infrastructure and establish sound policies for the establishment of factories and workshops by gaining the trust of foreign investors. For Myanmar workers working in foreign countries, we will strive for them to get full rights and have no discriminations or violations of the basic laws. As for the public servants, we will lay down policies for them to enjoy welfare schemes, ,including healthcare services for their family members during their service life and after their retirement. If we can do this, we believe that our country can be free from malpractices.
In defining the word “worker,” we consider everyone as “workers” and that is why we gave our party the name “Public of Labour Party” to serve the people. Every politician is to serve the country and the people in the best possible way to obtain the votes from the people. But political parties and politicians must not work only for people who voted or supported them. If so, they will become selfish politicians. Our party will represent and work forever for all the citizens and people.
It is not right for politicians to work by asking what the people want. They need to consider their requirement to be the requirement of the people and only then can they be together with the people. The party can guarantee 100 percent that it will stand with the people and serve the people forever. Ever since our party was formed we were determined that the party will not offend or be the master of the people. We want to represent the people officially, and that is why we want to be in the Hluttaw.
According to article 347 of the Constitution, the Union must guarantee everyone to enjoy equal rights before the law. We will make an effort to restore rule of law and security for the people. If the government and its people can enjoy the same rights according to the democratic standard, we can claim to be a “democratic state”. If the rulers are the only one obtaining this, we cannot call it a democratic nation. We will strive toward everyone enjoying the modern, disciplined and systematic democracy. Only then can we be in accord with the word “no one is above the law.”
To become a developed country, achieving internal peace is important. In our party’s political policy, we’ve drawn up a peace and ethnic affairs section. A true and permanent peace is to be established through mutual responsibility and understanding. To achieve this, we will assist socio-economic development, such as education, health and economics in less developed ethnic nationals. Our political policy considers the coordination and seeking the answer for the requirements of the ethnic nationals as the basis for stopping all armed conflicts and achieving permanent peace. Only then can our union remain together and without disintegration and exist forever.
The party will protect the belief and culture of ethnic races, according to the law, so that they can lead a peaceful life. We will give priority to our national affairs. For example, we can replace with petroleum when our teak is depleted.
We can also replace with gold, silver and precious gems when petroleum is depleted. But nothing can replace our race and religion. That is why we pledge to maintain our race and religion as our national cause. Thus we can guarantee that voters will not regret if they choose the representatives of our party. I conclude by wishing all the voters, health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

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