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Publication of Judicial Strategic Plan (2023-2027), Year One Action Plan (2023) made


The Supreme Court of the Union.

The five-year Judicial Strategic Plan (2023-2027) drawn with the theme of “Providing Justice by All” and the Year One Action Plan (2023) in Myanmar-English bilingual were released by the Supreme Court of the Union on 15 January.
As a judicial reform process, the first judicial strategic project was implemented as a three-year strategic plan in 2015 and the second judicial strategic plan was implemented for five years from 2018 to 2022.
The Judicial Strategic Plan 2023-2027, which has been released by Myanmar Judiciary, is the third project, and it was the result of the coordination meeting between the planning team of the Supreme Court of the Union and the officials of the region/state high courts.
In addition, the evaluation and review of the previous five-year plan and the first-year strategic action plan for 2023, which is the initial year of the project, have been included in the five-year judicial strategic plan. — TWA/CT

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