Raise the young well, for they are the nation’s treasure

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  • The treasure of a nation can be said to be its natural resources, but the true national wealth of a country are its citizens, as it is they who are the main driving force behind development.
    A country’s human resource shoulders different responsibilities through different sectors as it works towards personal benefit and contributes to public benefit as well. But, those who go above and beyond the call of duty are the true treasures of a nation.
    We are currently in need of more people who are ready to shoulder their full responsibility for developing the nation. It is an undeniable truth that we are in need of genuine and capable human resources in this period of initiating reforms and development. Thus, it is imperative that we nurture our youth, our children, and our students and invest in their upbringing, as they will be taking over the duties of the nation in the future.
    State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi echoed this sentiment in her address to the people of Myeik on 13 February. “The main resource of a country is its people. Our children are like our bank savings, when it comes to our future. They will become the strength we can call upon when needed. That’s why I would like to implore teachers and parents to strive so children become an endless treasure that will benefit the entire nation,” said the State Counsellor.
    The State Counsellor is implying that we must begin supporting our youth and students now to ensure they grow up to become respectable citizens. Investing time and effort to raise the young right can be compared to tucking away a pot of gold. The more gold-laden pots we put away, the more secure our future will be.
    If education can be compared to a pot of gems, then, well-learned youth are like an endless treasure to the nation. We urge parents and teachers alike to invest time and energy in raising children right so that they may carry on our legacy, and Myanmar can stand proud on the global platform.
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