Rakhine State Chief Minister delivers aid to Hindu women returned from Bangladesh

U Nyi Pu Hindi family 50lakhs DSC 9706 copy
Rakhine State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu delivers aids to Hindu Women.  Photo: Thant Zin Win

U Nyi Pu, Chief Minister for Rakhine State, met with Hindu women and children who were abducted by ARSA extremist terrorists to an IDP camp in Bangladesh at the Maungtaw District General Administration Department yesterday.
At the meeting, the chief minister comforted eight Hindu mothers and presented K50 million to them. Eight Hindu women and six children who were abducted by ARSA extremist terrorists to an IDP camp in Bangladesh were brought back to Myanmar yesterday and gave their accounts of a bloody massacre by Muslim terrorists that killed at least 45 Hindu men who ended up in mass graves, according to local authorities. The eight Hindu women who witnessed the killings of Hindu villagers from Yebawkya Village by extremist terrorists on 25th August were returned to Myanmar with a police escort following the government’s demand to bring back them through diplomatic channels during the visit to Bangladesh on 2 and 3 October of a delegation led by the Union Minister for the State Counsellor’s Office. The eight women — Rica, 28, Onnica 20, Fawmila, 18, Gaungga 20, Gura Puni, also known as Rushila, 19, Bina Falar, 22, Puja alias Rabia, 18 and Raj Kumari, 15, recounted their experiences on 25th August. A group of about 500 Muslims terrorists led by a foreigner in black clothing and Noru Lauk from Khamaungseik Village entered their homes in Yebawkya village at about 8 am on 25th August and attacked. They took away their belongings, jewellery and mobile phones.



Thant Zin Win

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